Go Daddy

After speaking with Go Daddy the other day I know that when I begin e-mailing my subscribers I will use the Go Daddy platform. I currently use Go Daddy for domain renewal and hosting. Their 24 hour customer service makes it more likely to work for me.

I already have used Go Daddy for there easy to build websites in the past and attended a Go Daddy conference.  Going forward it is the best option for me.

I  looked into Constant Contact though having everything available to me through my Go Daddy account with special offers available makes me feel I can achieve my blogging goals easier. I have installed Google AdSense to my blog as well as integrated Google analytics to help me more. Knowing the interests of my small following and how they find me is helpful.

Now I do encourage others to blog about what they are interested in. I like some Canadian security topics plus I like to see how Canadian topics blend in with trending topics from America.

Reading about blogging topics from the USA is exciting though we are different here. Political blogging in Canada should reflect that. I may never approach blogging about our oil industry here or get too involved in speaking about our industries though I may point you towards better speakers on those topics.

Potential challenges to Rona Ambrose

Kevin O’Leary is looking to become the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. In the video I am publishing here by Rebel Media it explains him as a  political agnostic. He is also compared to Donald Trump. Now Trump is very popular in the US Republican Party though it doesn’t guarantee him becoming President of the United States. On Rebel Media they mention it would possibly be better to leave the Conservative Party to the Conservative Party. I feel that would be good to not just have outsiders try to make something of the work of conservatives with  a dedicated history.

There are more challenges from within the Conservative Party of Canada as seen in the following video. At this time I believe Rona is in the lead though it could be interesting if we saw the strength of campaigning like we see in the US currently, and get more Canadians involved speaking up on topics like I will post on as I develop them.

Windows 10

Visiting the Microsoft store today was exciting. They have such excellent technology I thought I would post about it. The laptops are so sleek even the ones that don’t have the key pad to the right on the keyboard. Compact it made me want one though I didn’t buy.

A store  rep asked me what I had, and I mentioned the Dell Inspiron with Windows 7. I mentioned that my upgrade to 10 left me without the ability to play movies. She told me she could give me the Windows 10 upgrade, and install the drivers. This would allow me to play movies and enjoy the upgrade.

An appointment is necessary though I can book online. Office 365 would be something I would be interested in as well. I know some Office products though they only exist on my computers. Being more in the Cloud would be exciting!

Check back in with me sometime soon I may post about Windows 10. You can find me here or on Keen. If you become a subscriber to my blog I may e-mail you over the summer possibly through Constant Contact. Being a Keen affiliate it is necessary to allow customers to unsubscribe.

Constant Contact has many features which I may spend some time learning. Have an excellent day!

Links on Ocean Mystic 12

Please read the full page or post on my site you wish to read before clicking on any links. These are all safe links though I don’t promote wiki’s. Some links are information on companies instead of information on Psychic work or tutorials on products.

I do recommend a few blogs on here for the topics which affect me on a personal level. I would like to offer support to those who carry a message to others promoting safe behaviors.

Please view the videos I posted for understanding how I like to connect to issues. Feel free to comment on here though I moderate the content. Be respectful for the same to be returned.

Social Media

Blogging has given me more interest in Social Media. I do not know that much regarding trending topics or watch that much television either. I am looking mostly into topics which could help me blog regarding Psychic work or on topics which could possibly make me more successful in that realm.

One website I have access to which is helping me look into blogging better on Word Press is Lynda a site where I can learn many things. This teaching site is available for free to me through my library under Digital content. I look into blogging, and I have advertising placed on my small blog.

I hope to look into how to best use Social Media as a tool to promote my Psychic business. Adding Google Ad Sense to my blog wasn’t hard plus I also added Linked In to my blog in the sidebar. I will insert a link here for you to read on the topic of how to use Social Media for your business. Social Media I hope to develop my blog on social media more as I publish more content.

Editing my Blog

Anyone new who visits my blog may not see the changes I have made. My blog is my way of improving my writing and a hobby to share about topics I’m interested in. I may not rate high as a social activist though some day it may be possible that I will reach people with messages that they find profound if only to a few.

Bear in mind that I most likely will visit every page on here, and edit my pages even without warning. This is not a professional blog though it has meaning to me. This summer I may begin sending e-mails out to subscribers of my blog. This might take place after I have had time to review Google analytics I have recently installed on here.

I hope to get more involved in social media, so I can attach to trending topics. My blog doesn’t get into that so much yet. I may use my handy cam to make a podcast sometime. I may also do a tutorial with my computer screen visible. I like technology though learning is something difficult without doing first. I will attempt anything I do on here if it is publishable.

Phone for Advice

Promise to provide good content

All is going well with my plan which is directed with publishing good content available to other small niche bloggers. My little niche is focused on those people who work online giving advice. I do work online on a limited basis giving advice based upon tarot card readings mostly. I like blogging and researching how to maintain a blog focused on certain laid out topics. Posting on here as me being Conservative can be ignored if that is not your political party, or even if you are from another country.

Mostly, I am encouraging visitors to my blog to be involved and be counted. I will not launch into attacks of any sort regarding anyone’s belief systems of choice. Yesterday I updated the look of my blog as well as added content to one of my main pages. Today I updated another page for you to find out some more about online life as well as my presentation of some things I feel would help many in how to look online at better content.

Right now I don’t really look at many other blogs because for blogging I am mostly reading books. There is a lot available on blogging topics in bookstores locally. If I find a blogging group to join I most likely will get connected into the Blogosphere more deeply. I am still very much the amateur online despite years of being a numbered advisor on www.keen.com  one interesting thing I read in a PC magazine yesterday was regarding Dash lane a company which offers password management. Dash lane gives you tools to change passwords even if they have been hacked. It was a great article. I don’t remember the name of the magazine though I skim magazines from the shelves sometimes for interesting content.

Phone for Advice

Ocean Mystic 12

Hello this is Ocean Mystic 12 revamping my blog. I deleted my old blog posts after saving some of the memorable ones for editing into updated pages after I have edited the content. I will reorganize my blog into becoming more technically savvy such as having analytics which I may discuss sometime. I like reading books on blogging and incorporating exciting features. I will look at linking to more blogs and joining a blogging community which is appropriate for me to fit into. I will look into trackbacks, and more about database research. One little plan I have is to look more into trending topics on social media and find appropriate books at the library and mention the ones I read. I hope you like the changes I make now and in the future.

Phone for Advice

Canadian Tarot Card Reader