Trending news topics for Canadians

Trending news topics for Canadians

Here I am mostly interested in news topics for Canadians. I am going to show you trending topics for Canadians. Here I only had to look at the search results for trending news topics for Canadians and my number one entry was from the CBC.


The CBC used to be a national corporation owned by the government of Canada. Like Air Canada was at one time. I remember seeing online somewhere that Celine Dion was interested in buying Air Canada though I never followed the story too closely.

Where I look for news

For blogging purposes I received some good advice where it was suggested to me I could stay on top of trending news through Facebook and twitter.  I didn’t like ISIS using the same service that I did though. Facebook is a different story for me and I will most likely go on for a tutorial on how to be good with Facebook.

Mostly I do a Bing or Google search with the topics being from terror attacks or trending topics from World news. I  research Conservative news topics. I also look into Conservative news topics such as leadership race.

I have books on how to use Google as well as how my Android phone works. I have at least three books on Android plus I have been to tutorial sessions with my library on how to use devices. I do like using more than one search engine. Bing and are my first and foremost search engines while I also use blog directories.

Database search is something I do a bit from Digital content from my libraries database. It is exciting to put together  enough information for a post on my site. I have a little issue with displaying links to outside  content unless it is in my blog roll I will work on putting together a plan on linking to outside content.

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Conservative Party of Canada Leadership race

Conservative Party of Canada Leadership race

The National Post seems to be the newspaper to read regarding the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race. I look forward to seeing who will rise to the top. I love race watching even if it is politics rather than car, cycle etc.

You may never know as well as the contenders what it takes to get to the top. I am not that far into Conservative news though I like a good read. You may have more news than I do so if you do than I hope you blog.

There is talk sometimes of needing an engine for a car or a country or organization. You may get tired of old faces like we see the same politicians in the news year to year month to month. I don’t follow all the names or faces though I know Canada has dedicated politicians.

What makes a politician depends upon the personal story of each member of parliament or legislature. I  only volunteer or write on here. You may see other literature some appealing some repelling depending upon your stance.

Canadian politics photo gallery

Canada is in the world’s news everyday despite not being the largest population. We are a very large expansive country which maintained the same borders for a very long time. We look at the changes since Confederation with some surprise. I missed a few of those changes including some changes to our anthem here ‘n’  there.

If you find you have an interest in talking about newsworthy items or political talk than you should consider getting involved. Volunteering for your chosen party or blogging about your views could get picked up by others as profound or silly to  repeat you never know.

My volunteer interest is in more grassroots stuff working out of a riding office putting up signs or placing literature in neighborhoods. Doing more might come in play as an election progresses. Right now despite all the political talk regarding funding or leadership it all just takes place with voting members who back delegates.

It could be confusing but getting more knowledge isn’t that hard. I read more as I get older and my topics often involve politics and culture. I love those topics which fascinate me pushing me to gain experience.

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Help end Anti-Semitic behavior!

Help end anti-Semitic behavior

Now I see the movement against Jewish products growing for some reason. I have noticed that movement before though seeing the Green Party of Canada involved makes me want to boycott organic stands in major groceries. Help end anti-Semitic behavior!

Tel Aviv skyline
Tel Aviv skyline

The Olympians that wouldn’t shake hands with Israel shouldn’t be allowed to compete anywhere again. I don’t remember hearing bad talk from Israeli people I have seen or met. I have seen beautiful YouTube videos coming from Tel Aviv beaches and disco’s.

I would love to visit Israel without fear! I would love to visit what was considered the Holy Land at one time now it is referred to as the Middle East so not to offend too many religions.

I offer respect to Muslim’s as well as Jews and Christians. I wish the same would go around circularly rather than run into a dead end. I don’t mention Buddha or other religions because they are from different parts outside of the Middle East.

You can find many wonderful studies of religions ethnic groups where groups are described in peaceful well written language. I have read much of Islamic literature with beautiful illustrations. I have also read travel brochures from other countries. For peaceful news articles I don’t know where to look anymore.

Israeli women are beautiful as well as women from many other religions and cultures. Let’s not forget that Hitler was not only Anti-Semitic but didn’t consider Muslims as his chosen race. Banding together should be for everyone that doesn’t like violence or hate.

You may never see a free world extending its hand after the world’s coming major elections. UK is already considering removing many from its shores that are not British born regardless of vocation or investments. It is sad to see violence and today is another day of violent news.

Let’s not forget the deaths of police in the news for many reasons which still don’t make sense. Let’s clean-up our neighbourhoods and schools of bad language and hateful literature.

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Political financing agendas in Canada

Political financing agendas in Canada

You may not be that concerned when you hear talk about politicians financing their agendas. I am not that concerned unless it is sent into the wrong agendas. It is called a portfolio when a politician brings forward topics of concern which may enter the spotlight. Political financing agendas in Canada.

Now I would like to see some of my concerns enter the spotlight though I don’t have money to hand over. I would like to see something done about school bullies. I would like to see some workable paper on anti-Semitism. I believe those two topics could protect a lot of Canadians from harm.

I believe those two topics if they were properly handled in Canada then we would see our way out of some other dangerous topics. We have to address what is in our faces to be able to put it behind. You may never see those topics properly addressed.

The deaths of Aboriginal women almost goes unnoticed though there is some theoretical action taking place. Do the mothers of Aboriginal girls get enough community help to handle their own daily lives? Unnoticed women are out there suffering without any help possible. Do we have anyone to help mothers when they can’t properly feed their children?

Alberta has many community supports available though they work silently taken for granted. We hear some talk in the media occasionally about funding though communities aren’t consulted. It is taken for granted. I would like to see that we have streamlined services where Albertans don’t end up losing citizens to other provinces because of a funding crisis.

So far PC Alberta, Jason Kenney and the Wildrose aren’t speaking publicly on how they are going to address Albertans many concerns. There is a financial crisis hitting many in the province. Now though the financing talk is on a target date set for 2019 or a peek into things beginning in November.

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The borders of the United States of America

The borders of the United States of America

Canada and Mexico border the United States of America, so if it’s Hillary we will remain close, or if Donald builds his walls our agreements will change. Even if there are no walls we will no longer be close like we have been since the War of 1812. The borders of the United States of America.

Muddy Waters

Honestly speaking I don’t feel the US election is going to be positive when you consider the mudslinging continuing to hit everyone’s families on a daily basis. Canadian political elections have never been that muddy though the last election was rough.

Gold Star families

Now  I intend on watching to see what Donald Trump will propose to American’s as his way of dealing with ISIS rather than insult Muslims. The current news is how he is insulting Gold Star American’s or those families that lost family members during war.

The borders of the United States of America
The borders of the United States of America

US military

I have seen articles which suggest that Donald Trump is supported by the military while Hillary is not in favor. You may wish to consider if your reading a tabloid or a news article. Some people will not always say the current most accurate thought when deadline news makes money. I like Hillary and if I was American I would vote for her.


The main article which I have seen buzzing other than defense considering if Donald Trump is fit would be the news articles considering Khan a deceased military veteran. I feel it would be good when we have examples of Muslims performing good service we should show the right side to the public. With so many bad stories regarding Muslim’s in the media lets give them a boost.      The Guardian

You may wish to consider the global threat of terrorism and Trump not offering support to any European countries in response to the horrors taking place too often. These threats and attacks shouldn’t go unmentioned.

In God We Trust

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Get the garbage off Google

Get the garbage off Google

One thing Google promised sometime ago was to have anti-isis messages come up first in searches for isis on their search engine. If you look to the first entry then yeah. If you look to second or third entry then no. Get the garbage off Google!

Hero below Kurdish YPG fighter

Get the garbage off Google
Get the garbage off Google

Edmonton Somali Community

You may not have seen that the Edmonton Somali community is having issues with Somali youth being recruited into isis. I would like to see this come to an end here. Police could use  the same tactics as dealing with gangs and pimps by interfering with their recruitment style. They are brave far away and not so brave here unless they commit some dumb crimes first. Get the garbage off Google!

Pot smoking may not be as bad as talking in coffee shops to people that don’t respect women. I don’t see how viewing these people in videos can be seductive unless you face mental illness. One other thing could be by being alone too much without family support or not fitting into your community.

Donald Trump

As far as worldwide plans on dealing with isis Donald Trump hasn’t mentioned how he will proceed though Hillary will most likely follow the honest path and put in place real military strategists. I feel Obama has fought well run wars when it is mostly like managing various countries agencies rather than just following a narrow tract.


It would be unfair right now to attack Hollande over his dealing with isis unless there were real informants in extremist groups that were ignored. Homegrown terrorists including white nationalists have some of the same goals which means they both have paranoid ideas of how they feel they have been treated by those who didn’t know of their existence until they do harm to others.

I have seen some of the information used by extremist groups and it is mostly false arguments not based on real researched information. I prefer to read properly researched information you can find on library shelves or databases.

Appropriate content

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Anger has no place anymore

Anger has no place anymore

Once again humanity has suffered another attack including children. Not many people will support forgetting ISIS  behaviors. The French language is a beautiful language I made some small attempts at learning though had little chance because of time and not being involved in the francophone community enough. Anger has no place anymore!

President Hollande

President Hollande is tough and will not show weakness to this demented mans supporters. Not lifting the state of emergency is just sad. I think of the Second World War when France suffered Nazi Germany’s dementia linked attacks.

President Hollande with former British PM

President Hollande
President Hollande

Hopefully the worlds leaders can come up with ample plans to thwart attacks. Like anti-Semitism and other racist behavior fools group together for their own ignorance. The world  will mostly stand behind their elected leaders responses to these bad acts.

So far I don’t know how Canada will respond to the new frequency of attacks. I will support the Prime Minister even if a plan on how to support other countries takes a while or the plan is not viewed by the general public in its entirety. As regards to President Obama I do feel he fought pretty good inherited wars. I may not agree with the commentary in the video though I try to have conservative content.

I couldn’t pull together a plan on how to defeat ISLAMIC terrorism. I have had wonderful times meeting Muslim people though strong viewpoints do come from apparently meek people. I feel not everyone in the community would condone these attacks. Will the   Muslim community come together to defeat these attacks or to offer suggestions or share the truth about these men.

Our NATO membership has never expired though it looks like it is as active as when that partnership was formed. I am for states of emergency being prepared for every possible event. I felt those things were always prepared for. NATO responds to the Turkey coup.

Turkey coup

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Care about your neighbors

Care about  your neighbors

Sometimes I watch war movies or action movies where someone or groups of people do what I call the right thing. It doesn’t happen that way everywhere though it can. Someone takes heat from others regardless if the right thing was accomplished or not. In the news is a lot of violence with no connection to performing selfless acts unless it is the people paid to protect us. I see society slipping every day. Care about your neighbors.


Elected officials do support the police officers they hire as seen by the very upset Dallas mayor’s behavior. I would like to see more police officers and support staff in cities which have large populations of homeless people. I would like to see more police officers hired in rural areas. I would like to see more police officers hired in prosperous cities because the officers are sort of on their own when groups gather against them. Care about your neighbors.

Dallas police
Dallas police


Worldwide Web

If you watch YouTube you can search out any extremist group in the world and they have some video or you can find something on wiki which I don’t use but angry people are online. Do we need to allow all types of content to be available to view? I don’t search much dangerous information though if I find it popping up I may feel someone could be hurt if I referred to it. Care about your neighbors.

The holocaust

The holocaust was real though some people get away with anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is sometimes just reacted to as bad conversation. I have seen many swastika tattoos on bodies in Canada. Many people have anti-Semitic views though they say they are Christian. I don’t understand anti-Semitism even though I have read that literature. Care about your neighbors.


Lets not forget

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Jason Kenney from Alberta

Jason Kenney from Alberta

Jason Kenney from Alberta has received high level endorsements from former Prime Minister Stephen Harper as well as Conservative Party of Canada interim leader Rona Ambrose. I don’t really know if uniting the Wildrose with the PC Alberta is hard to accomplish when Wildrose may just say they are also Conservative Right. Jason Kenney from Alberta.

Jason Kenney from Alberta
Jason Kenney from Alberta

What kind of Conservative are you?

There are many mentions of red Tories or blue Tories though they come together on one potential official because if you are Tory than you vote that way in your local election. Jason Kenney from Alberta.

I like Kenney because of his major endorsements. I am not going to be mean in any language or behavior to incumbents because most likely they are here to 2019 whether the conservatives unite the party or not. I feel major shifts have happened in the world and it looks like in the UK it is turning more conservative. Jason Kenney from Alberta.

The US has elected Hillary Clinton as a Conservative Democrat leader. Donald Trump is so far to the right though it seems as his own major party players like the Bush family won’t endorse him. Endorsements are like references on your resume you have them or you don’t.

Socialism is appealing to many people and is hard to beat because sooner or later people give them a chance. Right now it seems as though worldwide it is a topic of interest though I believe the UK is swiping hard to the right rather than the left. I like good social programs though if they are not put together by responsible government than they don’t work with other political features.

Health care is Canada’s shining asset that the US and most other countries wish to have. We had successive governments endorse health care worldwide though it doesn’t take as well as it has in Canada.

Socialistic politicians gain a lot of power in non-obvious ways sometimes by attending protests. Politicians protesting bills while not attending parliament is one scenario of political upheaval and is a dangerous move.

Uniting the left is not talked about much though uniting the right is. Case in point the rally cries of right sided politicians draws mainstream responses while left sided calls to action are sort of underground or not so mainstream.

As a Canadian interested in politics I like reading left wing literature and advertisements as much as the right sided ones. It is exciting to hear hopeful talk of the future but I vote the way I do. I have in the past been disappointed by political talk though have never experienced far left having complete control

Stephen Harper did manage a good government which is hard to duplicate. It seems to achieve a top down instruction which seemed to work very well. To give all other parties some credit it is almost impossible to achieve real success in politics after a completely different political machine has left office.

Right now in the news I don’t really see the Conservative party of Canada taking on Justin Trudeau in the news it looks like he has problems with the NDP. The Conservative Party of Canada is rebuilding its futures in the west. That is a good move while maintaining the new seats we have in Quebec.

Justin Trudeau is very popular and social but the Conservative Party which is making regrouping moves will bring out its best because they are still a strong opposition in the media despite playing it cool right now.

Something I would like to see all parties discuss in the media is how the federal government will share power with the provinces to increase prosperity education and safety.

We have city provincial and national police while still having lots of obvious gangs and drugs. It is something I would like all parties to discuss openly which could include hiring more police as mandatory. Maybe we could look at our system of justice in this country to how family safety works.

The Powers

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The World’s major religions

The World’s major religions

The Catholic Church is one of the World’s major religions.  Growing up Catholic without adhering to what was taught completely was meaning to me I lacked direction. There was a difference of opinion regarding behavior of Catholics to most people I knew so I don’t really feel I can say I grew up Catholic despite being baptized attending first communion and confirmation. I wanted to belong to one of the World’s major religions. Catholicism is usually described as Christian though it doesn’t seem exactly that. The world’s  major religions.

The Vatican
The Vatican

The World’s major religions

Religion inspired me a bit throughout my life though I attended many different churches and temples. I have attended Mosques where Islam is explained as the “Religion of Peace.” I don’t believe the man that shot those good officers during a maniac rampage could have been Muslim though it is not even mentioned in the media though it seems he might have been more closely associated with 60.s black power groups which are not real Muslims.

Protesting persons that serve including at government buildings is bad. I would never participate in making someone feel uncomfortable in their home or workplace even if I didn’t like their behavior. I feel there are no sane boundaries where mutual respect for others is just given.

Heroes just do their jobs

Dallas police guided protesters to safety and for the most part if it was a protest then most of the people were actually protected by those they were voicing hostility against. The world makes no sense except really having a system of belief such as love thy neighbour.

Search blue rallies

One good thing is I  don’t see that these protesters are taking on Martin Luther Kings messages or real peace protest identities. I pray that it doesn’t gain too much momentum though they are most likely linked to Canada and the UK.

Pray for others

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International day for those that serve!

International day for those that serve!

This is terrible to see what was described as a peaceful protest destroy our law that protects us. Although I have only had limited contact with US law enforcement I respect them highly. A madman attacking law enforcement is not a statement of such as “we shall overcome” or “we shall prevail” but of nothing. I propose an international day for those that serve!

Volunteering in the community rather than protesting it

From what I  read on the news the police there led protesters to safety. Protesting is good to have as a right though this group showed up at Toronto Pride event and abused their invite. I don’t feel supporters after these few events should be trusted unless they register their events or have some way of saying they are not inviting radicals to peaceful neighbourhoods. I propose an international day for those that serve!

Radicalism is spreading worldwide for whatever reason surfaces in the minds of people just naturally inclined to that end. I propose that our politicians have a national day for those that serve just as there is an international day of the girl or father’s day mother’s day etc.

Example of the Oath that US law enforcement take to serve

I do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitutions of the United States and of the State of Tennessee, and the ordinances of the City of ____________________, and will well and faithfully perform the duties imposed upon me as a police officer of the City of to the best of my ability; and that I will serve the United States, the State of Tennessee, and the City of ________________ honestly and faithfully, and will obey the orders of the officers and officials placed over me according to law. Name

Date_____ Signature ____________________________ Mayor _____________________________

Support Law Enforcement

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New Leadership in Alberta

New leadership in Alberta

There is new leadership in Alberta. With potential new leadership controversies coming up in Alberta, Canada and the UK where do we turn. As a general reference it would be to look for new faces. Hillary Clinton, Trump is decided already whoever it will be. Have confidence in the future!

Alberta legislature
Alberta legislature


The UK has a lot of Muslims though the number of who is eligible to vote I am not researching. I don’t live in the UK though the new leaders of the British parties should find a way of consulting Muslims about what is really going on there. There is new leadership in Alberta.

Here in Alberta it was mentioned that PC Alberta will get a game plan. They will consult the party for a platform for the new leader elects to campaign behind. It is different everywhere for most people though Muslims are fighting all over the world without saying how to stop it.

Extremist Views

We have to get out from under extremist views whether they are home grown or jihadist. I don’t condone either though they have some shared thoughts of us against them possibly or winner take all. Neither idea works in the long run because they are now blowing up their holiest sites and even coming close to prophet Mohammed’s tomb.

Safe Cities

Muslim people I have met don’t seem like that so solving extremist points of view can be like education and goal setting. I may try to consult with Muslim people in my community Edmonton on how Canadians or in a more narrow way how to encourage neighborly behavior. Intolerance is intolerance whether it is called Islamophobia or if done to other people something else.

Take a moment

In the cities I have lived in I had wonderful conversations with Muslim people taking their side in some moments. Neighbors are good to have!

Join a party

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Hillary Clinton for America!

Hillary Clinton for America

Hillary Clinton is the focus of this article today. Hillary is the wife of Bill though it is not mentioned much anymore. She is possibly the first female president of the US in the future. She is a conservative democrat unlike Bernie Sanders who represents more socialist peers. Hillary Clinton for America!


Hillary I like because she served her country for a long time facing tough opponents. I liked Arizona Republican John McCain in that election which gave America its first African American president. Now Hillary is the better option with the support of Obama going in though he took her chance away in that election.

Obama supports Hillary
Obama supports Hillary

In the media I heard Bernie is supporting Hillary going in though who else could they go for because she did bring in some health care for children. Health care is always recommended as tops on socialist agendas. I support good health care though I only follow US media once in a while. Hillary Clinton for America!

Now in Canada which is a completely different political climate we are accustomed to good health care now for a few generations. In the USA it is a different story I hear. It is not a popular topic and is as divisive as gun control. I am not sure exactly why we are more left leaning though I don’t know how else we could survive now.

We can’t turn back time even though the clock still ticks. Radical changes to a country turn a country sour. Overhauling all systems may not be the way to go though helping others is mandatory. Volunteers for elections abound during election time. Are they heard year to year month to month depends upon their involvement.

Hillary Clinton I feel will be able to count on the outgoing presidents supporters as well as many coming from all other camps which are concerned about extremism from within the US. I don’t want to mention other politicians in this article because there is now what I call border fear or border paranoia.

Benghazi was a topic mentioned strongly during Hillary’s campaign though I only saw a movie on it today. In the movie it didn’t even refer to the former Secretary of State. It showed other forces as the problem. Today I also saw in the news the FBI not interested in charging her for her emails. It will just be more tough campaign issues for her to face.

Good luck America!


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Conservative blogger!

Conservative blogger!

I am a Conservative blogger and my intent I will focus on with this Conservative blogging! post isn’t to handle every form of bullying but show some examples of how Canada has handled some biases shown against Canadians. If your interested you could become a conservative blogger.

I don’t like any sort of bullying performed on anyone though mostly I intend on seeing how it is handled in Canada. Rona Ambrose brought her interest to be on International day of the girl. Stephen Harper put his interest in helping children around the world have Child and maternal health. I would like to view these topics if I could find another conservative blogger.

I like to see the Conservative party be involved in those sorts of things though people of all descriptions in Canada volunteer their time on causes and undertakings which benefit others. I volunteer a bit though I don’t see my impact as being that big. My own political interests will come as a conservative blogger making posts to the web.

Standing up for others can mean volunteering in the community reaching out to others in need or stopping an attack. Participating in official programs that have been set up by others is good. You could become a conservative blogger and draw attention to national matters.

My take on the Conservative Party of Canada is that it meets this definition exactly and maintains these principles. Conservatism I firmly believe in that system though on the financial front it can be slow going compared to the  record high  boom bust the US is somewhat known for. Capitalism

Someday Canada may blend stronger into capitalism or slip more into socialism. I would like Canada to maintain its special partnership with the US though political extremism may be inevitable in Canada. Think well of our US neighbors

Subversive groups which protest beyond the norm have shown up such as the occupy movement and mass protests over Bills in Canada. The summit which had the president of the US attend in Ontario is an example of protest excess. Canadian summits

Here in Canada it is not so bad to protest in numbers though the force of protesting can be extreme when they are supposedly just voicing an opinion. By sharing the following links I hope anyone visiting this post can read into my hopes of what I would like to solve by blogging.

Racism: Defining racism

Anti-Semitism: Learn more about preventing hatred

Bullying: Canada’s stance on bullying

Glass ceiling: Recognizing barriers

Genocide: Where the term comes from

Bias: Indicators

Gender bias: It can be anywhere

Stereo typing: Definition

Homophobia: Term

Islamophobia: A searched for term

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You become what you feel

You become what you feel!
No matter how many times your feelings tell you about your weaknesses your strengths can take you higher. I believe in enlightenment rather than atonement for a daily meditation. You may never regret trying to succeed though giving up is the most perilous route! OM 12

You become what you feel

You may never find interest in my tarot card readings though my political topics could draw your attention. I have quite a lot of experience in seeing what is really happening in Canada in every region. My preference for living in Alberta developed over many years. You become what you feel!

Where I have been

My area right now is City Center Edmonton which is the capital of Alberta. I longed to be in the west since around 1986 when I was in my teens. I spent more than fifteen years in BC though I did a complete change then. I explored this whole country except for NFLD and Territories.

Where I’m going

My contribution to Canadian politics is yet to come though I have volunteered a bit. Alberta has grown a lot and has a strong measure of healthy politicians looking to take Canada in a good direction. My volunteering is getting me more active in my area including a few different cultures. I hope to interest others in becoming more active in the community.

My newsletter

By the end of summer I hope to be publishing an online newsletter where you can subscribe for free to hear my take on Canadian politics. It may just be speaking on my own experiences on how to accomplish your goals in your own way. I sometimes feel it is hard to get through obstacles even if you draw attention to them in your own community.

You can become involved

Not every person accomplishes their goals because of not knowing how to proceed. My newsletter may include offers on how to get involved in my hoped for project which is an online directory. My directory may take a while to develop though I hope to publish in less than one year.

There could be an opportunity to volunteer information to others and contribute as an author for those who can provide answers. I would like to get others involved online supporting  Albertans or other Canadians.

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Destroying of documents

Destroying of documents

Should the police step-in when there is a major provincial or federal election where there is a change in government? Destroying of documents

As a controversial statement to answer my own question I will say yes! Destroying of documents

For many years one thing that has bothered me about almost every monumental change in Canadian provincial or federal history is the destroying of records by officials.

We look at the CSIS destroying of Air India wiretaps with disgust though it barely gets mentioned when outgoing governments destroy their information in shredders.

Harper government

The Harper government didn’t destroy their files or I haven’t seen that in the news though it caught my attention when the PC Alberta government faced that accusation though it wasn’t supposed to have been a bad thing or files which needed to be kept.

My volunteering for provincial and federal elections has been with the conservatives. At one time I belonged to the Liberal Party of Canada before there was a Conservative Party of Canada. I lived in BC as well so I had no interest in the PC’s of Alberta.

Provincial NDP

Right now I feel challenges in the media of the provincial NDP could be hard to face because of the cynicism of Albertans with government change. I haven’t really seen much change except to the economy but there is a near World War as well.

Those are global conditions which are hardly Alberta’s complete fault. Albertans are coming together for Fort McMurray and many other causes. I really do mean when I say that I will not attack incumbents while promoting conservative values.

Right now I only see some articles by bloggers here ‘n’ there on a failing NDP though I believe that was a federal problem. Also the US is not backing any initiatives on the oil and gas front while Obama leaves office. I don’t believe much can be done for Alberta until Hillary enters the White House because Trump mania won’t allow much leg room for Canadians.

Yedlin: It's time to sell Alberta's potential


There is a lot of extremist talk from the US Right of center politicians so I do hope those who wish to entertain how to fix Alberta’s issues then use the time solves some issues approach. I love Alberta though I don’t think too many people of the PC Alberta will be showing up to protest Ms. Notley because I have never seen much of that except some media stuff and some blog or editorial talk.

Mostly it is that way for anyone in politics. I do hope to see the PC Alberta come forward with clear new direction. We will need to rebuild a lot of bridges not just the land over water type. There is so much extremism in the world for so many topics which are mostly stereotyping that we need to get out from under.

We need community meetings where potential future leaders come forward now not just near the next election. If people got to meet their neighbours when times are tough pulling together is only easier. Many people donate time support or money for causes.

Volunteers need to be consulted year to year month to month for potential leaders to know the ground and the topics. Potential leaders depend on volunteers at election time. Support is out there right  now  for Albertans facing trauma like during the floods or other crises.’

Right now PC Alberta should  be hitting the ground running getting involved politically. I see many people from the party working on it through e-mail though the Alberta relief efforts normally won’t mention politics. That is good!

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Conservative Party of Canada leadership

Conservative Party of Canada leadership

The federal Conservatives are going to have a good share of media given to them in the next 1 to 1 1/2 years. Who will lead the party is a big question as world politics heats up especially with Hillary vs. Trump in the news. Conservative Party of Canada leadership will develop with many members looking at their  own position.

US Politics

Hillary I feel is a Conservative Democrat while she handily defeated Social Democrat Bernie Sanders. America didn’t need Bernie’s divisive politics while Trump moved so far to the right side gaining support from many that just reject neighbours with stereotyping.

Right now there is quite a lot of time for the potential candidates to build an electoral platform against Justin’s Liberals. The Conservative Party will most likely focus on his popularity rather than debate style etc. The NDP will most likely not be the focal point especially if the language of the Leap Manifesto surfaces.


Cuban politics doesn’t work for Cuban’s though they have good healthcare. Food is important worldwide and embargos on any country hurt regions. Another socialist country Venezuela hurts on humanitarian issues. Embargo’s are tough for countries to endure.

Canada does come close to Socialism when Leap Manifesto is discussed. I feel that will exclude the NDP from having a chance to get close to 24 Sussex like when Jack Layton almost became Prime Minister.

Who has the best chance

Quebec MP’s might be in a little better position to gain support nationwide. Quebec gained conservative seats in 2015. This is the standing of who has the power in Canada right now.  MP’s

Here is a CTV news article on the possible leadership contenders.

Conservative Party of Canada

How will the performance be in the future like Stephen Harper had control or will it be more loose, Stephen Harper sure did lead the party into a strong position. Now I feel from what I saw of people protesting voters in the last election what will come.

The US is gaining in radical politics can Canada stay a smoother course. I like peace and contentment in the news rather than organized protests. fear mongering in Canada or the US is not needed!
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Pray for America’s decision makers

Pray for America’s decision makers

Gun Control

Obama supports Hillary
Obama supports Hillary

We should pray for America’s decision makers in the wake of any violent attack. We may never have the chance for anyone to pray for us if we forget others. I love America and it’s freedoms including the right to bear arms though if that right changes such as an amendment then in God we trust!

Barack Obama has during his presidency managed the agencies of the countries he backed in war or famine etc. He gives AID to countries that agree with how to handle their own situations. I do like that though he barely makes reference to it since his first presidency.

He does offer Hillary support so I assume she will most likely work in that manner especially since she was his Secretary of State.

Pray for America’s decision makers

Many people like to own guns though being allowed to purchase assault rifles without appropriate controls seems strange. I don’t know how to offer information on how to fix the issues people are seeing on television and other forms of media which keep occurring. Praying for victims is more and more common being led by frustrated leaders and clergy.

Barack Obama always mentions the leaders of countries hit by bad attacks or natural disasters. That is what Statesmanship is! You can not just let the bad things of this world take away your neighborly feelings.

Barack Obama has been goodhearted in supporting Europeans facing their sorrows. I love France and other European nations though I now read too much of those  subjects which didn’t give me concern before.

If there was to be a State funeral I feel the President could give an excellent world support. I am sad of the news when he is delivering for some time though he says it well for all.

US gun control

Canadian gun control
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MSN Bing media

For the last little while after improving my use of web products I began getting more into MSN Bing. Now I use Bing for my primary web searching. I read books on Google for some time feeling that Google was the only one though I liked Yahoo. The books made it clear that Google was the largest search engine.

MSN Bing

Google is the largest search engine though I find Yahoo and Bing a little more friendly. I like in Bing and Yahoo that Wiki isn’t the pop up dictionary in the searches. I feel that may make it a little better for children to get better marks in school because of better cited and researched content.

MSN does provide good content in their media. Before I revamped my blog I posted that MSN wasn’t that friendly with the stars but that may have been me looking at advertised content on MSN pages rather than MSN articles. I don’t like as a personal choice the one answer for all I believe in personal content. Personalization is necessary for me to feel unique.

School kids

If your kids aren’t getting top marks in school you may wish to help them change search providers. The browser I use most is Internet explorer though I am still using Windows 7. You may wish to see how exciting Windows 10 looks and what features Windows offers its users.


You may wish also to have your children use E How for looking up tech or other articles to begin using database search. You may wish to have them begin expanding from using just website articles found in search engine results. One way of children getting more into database searching is making them find items of information in an online treasure hunt. You provide them the steps to find the item through good links you provide. I like MSN and Bing mostly plus Yahoo. 

Free Psychic Love Reading

Try a different Search engine
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Today I began researching how to accumulate; and find, or follow Blogs. Bloglovin’ came up first in the Bing search I performed. Joining an appropriate blogging community may take longer.

I am not a big political or Psychic blogger though I am investing quite a lot of time in developing my blogging which is my best avenue into writing.

About goals

I would love to one day be more popular on the web, and develop my listing presence. I was a popular advisor on keen though that slipped away a bit when I went into the workforce for a number of years.

Being popular on keen was thrilling though I did a complete career change for many reasons. Now I want to look more into blogs with content relative to my Keen life. Blogs about the psychic business are rare though blogs for customers of psychics abound.

What it takes

Now I am using Bing for most of my searching of the web. I also use Google and Yahoo. Recently I found out that I can use Bing advertising which would give me advertising on Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. Blogs can use advertising revenue to market their blogs increasing exposure.

What gave me a leg up on Keen around 2007 was Yahoo search marketing. Now Bing took over Yahoo search marketing. Right now I come up higher in some searches with Bing than Google.

Bing is purportedly a safer search engine for families. I like to feel safe online though safety has many different meanings to everyone. Go daddy has many features available to those who wish to have a website or blog. I hope you shop around for information on how to set-up your blog or website.

Writing for the web may not need any more skills other than high school education. If it has been sometime past when you attended school then writing can be picked up again by getting assessments in education.

High school level education is really enough and there are many ways of upgrading. Blogging is a great hobby to have if your interested plus writing well can help you in life.

Academic upgrading
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