MSN and Bing

For the last little while after improving my use of web products I began getting more into Bing. Now I use Bing for my primary web searching. I read books on Google for some time feeling that Google was the only one though I liked Yahoo. The books made it clear that Google was the largest search engine.

Google is the largest search engine though I find Yahoo and Bing a little more friendly. I like in Bing and Yahoo that Wiki isn’t the pop up dictionary in the searches. I feel that may make it a little better for children to get better marks in school because of better cited and researched content.

MSN does provide good content in their media. Before I revamped my blog I posted that MSN wasn’t that friendly with the stars but that may have been me looking at advertised content on MSN pages rather than MSN articles. I don’t like as a personal choice the one answer for all I believe in personal content. Personalization is necessary for me to feel unique.

If your kids aren’t getting top marks in school you may wish to help them change search providers. I use Internet explorer though I am still using Windows 7. You may wish to see how exciting Windows 10 looks and what features Windows offers its users.

You may wish also to have your children use E How for looking up tech or other articles to begin using database search. You may wish to have them begin expanding from using just website articles found in search engine results. Have an excellent day!

Blog Lovin’

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Today I began researching how to accumulate; and find, or follow blogs. Bloglovin’ came up first in the Bing search I performed. Joining an appropriate blogging community may take longer.

I am not a big political or Psychic blogger though I am investing quite a lot of time in developing my blogging which is my best avenue into writing.

I would love to one day be more popular on the web, and develop my listing presence. I was a popular advisor on keen though that slipped away a bit when I went into the workforce for a number of years.

Being popular on keen was thrilling though I did a complete career change for many reasons.

Now I am using Bing for most of my searching of the web. I also use Google and Yahoo. Recently I found out that I can use Bing advertising which would give me advertising on Bing, Yahoo, and AOL.

What gave me a leg up on Keen around 2007 was Yahoo search marketing. Now Bing took over Yahoo search marketing. Right now I come up higher in some searches with Bing than Google.

Bing is purportedly a safer search engine for families. I like to feel safe online though safety has many different meanings to everyone. Go daddy has many features available to those who wish to have a website or blog. I hope you shop around for information on how to set-up your blog or website.

Writing for the web may not need any more skills other than high school education. If it has been sometime past when you attended school then writing can be picked up again by getting assessments in education.

High school level education is really enough and there are many ways of upgrading. Blogging is a great hobby to have if your interested plus writing well can help you in life.

Future of the Conservative Party of Canada

The future of the Conservative Party of Canada for right now is being the strongest opposition party in decades. Stephen Harper steered the party into passing strong legislation while leader. I see the strength of campaigning in the US and feel the current challenges to Rona Ambrose will place the Conservative Party of Canada in that league. Continue reading Future of the Conservative Party of Canada

Potential challenges to Rona Ambrose

Kevin O’Leary is looking to become the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. In the video I am publishing here by Rebel Media it explains him as a  political agnostic. He is also compared to Donald Trump. Now Trump is very popular in the US Republican Party though it doesn’t guarantee him becoming President of the United States. On Rebel Media they mention it would possibly be better to leave the Conservative Party to the Conservative Party. I feel that would be good to not just have outsiders try to make something of the work of conservatives with  a dedicated history.

There are more challenges from within the Conservative Party of Canada as seen in the following video. At this time I believe Rona is in the lead though it could be interesting if we saw the strength of campaigning like we see in the US currently, and get more Canadians involved speaking up on topics like I will post on as I develop them.

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Links on Ocean Mystic 12

Please read the full page or post on my site you wish to read before clicking on any links. These are all safe links though I don’t promote wiki’s. Some links are information on companies instead of information on Psychic work or tutorials on products.

I do recommend a few blogs on here for the topics which affect me on a personal level. I would like to offer support to those who carry a message to others promoting safe behaviors.

Please view the videos I posted for understanding how I like to connect to issues. Feel free to comment on here though I moderate the content. Be respectful for the same to be returned.

Promise to provide good content

All is going well with my plan which is directed with publishing good content available to other small niche bloggers. My little niche is focused on those people who work online giving advice. I do work online on a limited basis giving advice based upon tarot card readings mostly. I like blogging and researching how to maintain a blog focused on certain laid out topics. Posting on here as me being Conservative can be ignored if that is not your political party, or even if you are from another country. Continue reading Promise to provide good content

Ocean Mystic 12

Hello this is Ocean Mystic 12 revamping my blog. I deleted my old blog posts after saving some of the memorable ones for editing into updated pages after I have edited the content. I will reorganize my blog into becoming more technically savvy such as having analytics which I may discuss sometime. I like reading books on blogging and incorporating exciting features. I will look at linking to more blogs and joining a blogging community which is appropriate for me to fit into. I will look into trackbacks, and more about database research. One little plan I have is to look more into trending topics on social media and find appropriate books at the library and mention the ones I read. I hope you like the changes I make now and in the future.

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