Alberta has good people in politics

Alberta has good people in politics

My take on unemployment in Alberta would be because of low carbon pricing or oil coal prices etc. Alberta has good people in politics despite negative online journaling. Natural gas doesn’t get much value right now either I feel despite it being a better cleaner fuel. I’ve looked at the taxes which came in after the election though I haven’t noticed much change myself.

Myself I wouldn’t attend a protest in anyone’s community especially my own. The current debates regarding PC Alberta leadership or the CPC should be where disgruntled voters place their energy. I don’t see anyone telling protesters to cool it.

My personal experience with the ALT Right

The other day at a gas station a person who attended a conservative event which I also attended spoke to me. He mentioned the premier police the legislature in the same breath being hostile to all.

The CPC, PC Alberta, and I believe the Wildrose wouldn’t participate in talk like that in public. I wouldn’t support communication like that on any ground. Myself, I wouldn’t belong to any organized movement against lawfully elected or appointed, hired otherwise government people. The talk is out there though extremism is what it is called not the right of the vote or conservative politics either.

Good politics in Alberta
Alberta Party Leaders 2015

White sites may be leading to protest movements encouraging members of the sites to attend political events. Considering that the man who was so hostile to those that serve attended the Liberal party event and the conservative one as well by his admission. There are major differences in those that protest and those that simply vote.

The growing ALT Right movement which can attract Holocaust denier’s radicals and subversives may not take hold in Alberta. For one thing attending political events without contributing to the party hosting the event won’t get you far. Agitators sometimes attend political events pretending to be from another political party though they may not.

To sum up this post in simple terms would be to be more inclusive to those around you. Alberta isn’t a radical or racist province but more of a community. While there is the wild west tone here and there it doesn’t rule the lives of those that don’t agree. I have felt comfortable most places I’ve been to in Alberta over the years.

Join a party

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Updates to my blog regarding provincial politics

Updates to my blog regarding provincial politics

There are some updates to my blog regarding provincial politics on my political commentary page. Now I’m back to discussing provincial conservative politics which has only been made mention of a few times in regards to the Premier and Jason Kenny. Now I do know that the Premier is popular with some neighborhoods in Edmonton and made mention of in the EU. That would be tough to go against for any challenger. Jason Kenney is endorsed by quite a few people as well coming from his years of service in federal politics.

Five point unity plan from Jason Kenney
Five point unity plan from Jason Kenney


 Elect a Progressive Conservative leader with a strong mandate to unite free-enterprise Albertans in one party.


Immediately negotiate framework agreement with the Wildrose Party to create united free-enterprise party.


Wide open debate leading to referendum of grassroots members on unity agreement.


With grassroots approval, proceed to create united party, including founding convention.


Leadership election for new, united party.

I attended a town hall to see Jason in action with enough time to speak without being cut off by a moderator. He is a good speaker to listen to no matter what side of the vote you’re on. I like hearing lectures or speeches thinking back to the Winston Churchill war speeches growing up with the CBC to listen to. I wasn’t even born then plus I wasn’t born in MLK’s time but his speeches were spiritual and uplifting as well.


This leadership will decide a lot for many people considering that many feel it will be a new government once again in 2019. I don’t feel there is a guarantee of any different outcome unless something happens with PC Alberta. I endorse Jason no matter though I don’t know the other candidates positions in a workable way for change.

Many people from different income brackets like to receive the direct deposits from the federal or provincial governments in Canada. I enjoy receiving money from the government when it comes in to my account. You can expect that with so many people out of work in Alberta that the NDP will have ways of speaking about that to their benefit. I believe Jason could address those issues as he mentioned in his town hall meetings.

Political Commentary

I hope you look at my political commentary page to view the currently updated information on provincial politics you can find by reading down to the bottom of the page. You should also check out my blog on Jerusalem Post which is new and not so in depth. Enjoy the provincial and federal leadership races.
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Political movements in World View

Political movements in World View

My take on the BDS movement is that it causes unnecessary stress to the world. Caving to extremism in the good name of all those Palestinians is how the movement works. The United States of America has for the most part not participated in the movement. The UAW has while some other organizations have though they are not significant. This must be strange to work in a company that supports the same cause similar to what our veterans fought against 7 decades ago. It came back in a new disguise.

The left leaning EU takes a different stance than the UK which goes against BDS being more conservative rather than leaning to the left. I am a person that pays attention to conservative politics though I don’t follow every conservative cause. I am a Canadian conservative so not all issues come up with me though when Canadian related topics come up I notice them.


Below is an excerpt from a Jerusalem Post article used with permission.

To fathom the potency (or lack thereof) of the BDS movement targeting Israel, the diverging and converging paths of its activity in the US and EU can be quite telling.

First, the divergences: Buoyed by the infamous 2001 UN Durban “anti-racism” conference in South Africa, ferociously anti-Israel mini-movements became the norm in Western Europe. Nearly 15 years after the conference, large sectors of European Muslims and hard-leftists, bolstered by an indifferent mainstream society, have turned BDS into an assault on Israel’s legitimacy.

The economic damage done to Israel by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement is rather insignificant thus far. Rather, BDS is about lethal force. In short, the extremist core of the movement seeks to dismantle Israel. The British poet W.H. Auden understood where movements animated by a fundamentally irrational ideology lead: “When words lose their meaning, physical force takes over.”

European affairs spreading like wildfire

“originally posted at

What is the BREXIT effect on both EU and UK economies in the works? What about the economy?

The UK economy appears to have weathered the initial shock of the Brexit vote, although the value of the pound remains near a 30-year low, but opinion is sharply divided over the long-term effects of leaving the EU. Some major firms such as Easyjet and John Lewis have pointed out that the slump in sterling has increased their costs.

Britain also lost its top AAA credit rating, meaning the cost of government borrowing will be higher. But share prices have recovered from a dramatic slump in value, with both the FTSE 100 and the broader FTSE 250 index, which includes more British-based businesses, trading higher than before the referendum.

The Bank of England cut interest rates from 0.5% to 0.25% – a record low and the first cut since 2009 – after the vote and there has not been the economic slump or recession that some had predicted.

Here is a detailed rundown of how Britain’s economy is doing

What is the European Union?

The European Union – often known as the EU – is an economic and political partnership involving 28 European countries (click here if you want to see the full list). It began after World War Two to foster economic co-operation, with the idea that countries which trade together are more likely to avoid going to war with each other.

It has since grown to become a “single market” allowing goods and people to move around, basically as if the member states were one country. It has its own currency, the euro, which is used by 19 of the member countries, its own parliament and it now sets rules in a wide range of areas – including on the environment, transport, consumer rights and even things such as mobile phone charges.

“Originally posted at

What I would like to see is economic sanctions and reductions in friendly economic ties against companies that support BDS. The USA didn’t take too strong of an economic stance against companies which support the movement. I would like to see the new administration take strong action against supporters of anti-Semitism as though they are polluters.

Hate material should be treated as strongly as offensive pornography. I would like to see HATE laws be transferred into the hands of law enforcement rather than private organizations having to bring it up. Having to mention despicable acts to get taken notice of is sad.


Develop a possible Canadian movement

Canada has the criminal code to deal with HATE while the USA has its own laws with the Constitution guaranteeing rights though sometimes there is a no win situation between the two. Sometimes it is suggested that rights are violated because of the difference between constitutional rights and legalities.

I would like to see referendums take place in Canada on some topics. Here in Canada I see talk of electoral reform which so far is not being consulted with Canadians. It is apparently in the works though. Constitutional reform will most likely not take place considering that the PM’s father repatriated the constitution from Britain some time ago.

Clear majorities are hard to beat in politics as Canadians are finding out now with the provincial NDP and the federal Liberal party. Justin Trudeau the PM and Rachel Notley premier do have some popularity which is hard to notice in media now. Conservatives are working hard on gaining attention to the economy which should be a priority. CBC does give credit to both politicians despite internet media taking a strong voice. People are looking to the internet more for news of how politics is affecting them.

Political movements in world view
Encourage bloggers

Political blogging is a hobby of mine which began in British Columbia when I began working on writing for the web. Politics was something I had an interest in though blogging was something I lacked knowledge in. I have read quite a few books and articles regarding blogging. I have read about how social media and blogging have influenced elections since the real dawn of social media.

If there won’t be referendums in Canada then maybe more people could blog regarding issues. I don’t like tabloid politics which is what I call internet broadcasts which cause people to feel hostile. Politicians belong to the political culture not really the elite which disgruntled people sometimes mention.

Getting involved in political topics is possible for everyone if they dedicate some time to get involved.

Volunteer vote contribute

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Can we all enjoy peace now?

Can we all enjoy Peace Now?

Recent attacks make me wonder if there is mental health available to those facing issues alone. Can we all enjoy peace now? I don’t understand all the shootings piling up on world leaders desks with no end in sight. Schools, places of worship, and yes children’s centers have become targets.  Being vigilant just meant watching your back most days. Now with the terror threat and copy cats who has the answers. At least it wasn’t an ISIS victory which really is no consolation. I don’t know how to reason away some of the sick comments on the web critical of the victims either.

Deadly Web

You can understand my point of view that on the web are crawling some dangerous people. Those who admire violence that is real rather than movie depictions. How  have we as a society escalated up to this point with so much animosity that few people are neighbors anymore? At one time people in rural areas left their doors open letting in strangers at times. I can see that a just society leaves more people open to contacting authorities, or living outside of normal society.

Where are our leaders headed?

There is an escalation of political action around the world as well causing extreme behavior between friendly countries sometimes. What is happening in Israel with terror is daily attacks or near daily attacks. Jews are getting the blame in every disagreement on the separation of both sides of the resolution. Israel having to find out who their friends or enemies are makes me feel sad. I worry daily that we are seeing more than one major genocide taking place.

Same people Same Situation

ISIS doesn’t have the intellectual people which could have thrown together a short term plan that could have increased from the Persian Gulf War to the more current Taliban and Al Qaeda. The persistence of these wars was more than what Osama bin Laden could have put together by himself. I believe these terror wars have been decades in the making possibly longer. Movements which can seem friendly switching between friends to enemies make me wonder. Is there a way of trusting international partners?


There is a lot of faith in the Governor of Florida as seen by his comments on prayer. Looking towards what he could see in this was frightening considering he was rightfully calling the National Guard placing them on standby. The National Guard has soldiers that have served overseas in conflicts recently and in the past. They could handle terror threats as well as law enforcement has with recent takedowns of violent terrorists.

Can we all enjoy Peace Now?
Can we all enjoy peace now?

No one can imagine how before Sept 11, 2001 terror was not the main priority of law enforcement. Attacking law enforcement and others that serve including firefighters taking place is for no good reason. To establish a pure state of mind on a foreign desert property is not cause to murder innocent people. That is not religion even if some people can have strong views naturally. You will still not see me be rude to Muslim people because as it has been said it is only a few among them.

Peace may come

The other guys

Domestic terror is also out there for us to consider that some white supremacists have tried to acquire nuclear material. Bombs going off and church shootings just to cause recognition in the media are not brave. You may never see your country give in to terror though what is coming could be a larger conflict. The Republicans will not back away from war I feel. You already have the new administration stepping in to offer support to the governor of Florida when the president was absent.

What I feel is going to come is the new Republicans will line up with Russia to end terror. Now that could possibly be a conflict most people on the planet would not want to see take place. I have no doubt that the terrorists will not stop until stopped by Justice. Putting people in Guantanamo didn’t do much to stop the recruitment for terror groups. I am sure though a lot of what happened was now known as a result.

Are war crimes possible?

War crimes could be put aside with the conflicts between the USA and the UN. Nobody is going to listen to the UN from the White House. The Trump Pence team is already stepping into their roles of President and Vice President. Some people are worried about the new administration, but as I mentioned in a previous post was that no President is going to let the Constitution go up in flames.

War crimes are not being acknowledged by the UN in many cases such as Aleppo, or other areas in Syria. Who is to judge when the UN is removing all signs of Christian influence and Jewish influence from the Holy Land. The USA is more reputable I feel then the UN in most cases the UN has stepped away from its great role. The League of Nations was a failure and now the UN has proven itself to be as well.

This is where we are headed

Forgotten topic-The needy

Food is not there in many countries though it is rarely mentioned in news anymore. War replaced diplomacy for many nations including in Europe in some cases. Could there be a European war if the trouble spills over from Turkey? So many lives are touched by violence or fear of terror in Turkey. Too many recent attacks in that unfortunate country Turkey has caused world panic.

France has stepped down to accept the BDS movement which Canada stood up against. I feel myself that the attacks of ISIS increase in countries which accept the militant BDS movement.

I may blog soon about how many countries have accepted ISIS or BDS into their policy. The USA and Canada have not accepted BDS rightly so being that it is a HATE group which lies in public. Boycotting Israeli products happened in the 1930’s in Europe before the Holocaust.

We should remember those people who suffered and died including many brave service personal of the Allied forces. Just remember or Lest we Forget can be a call to action in this current climate of violence. Conservative’s Forum

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The rise of anti-Semitism in Canada

The Rise of anti-Semitism in Canada

The rise of anti-Semitism in Canada goes hand in hand all over the world with the growth of groups such as the BDS movement. The countries which disallow BDS are not having as many terror attacks as the ones that did allow BDS in some cases like France compared to Canada. Overall Europe which is more welcoming to the BDS movement is being hit hard by ISIS. Anti-Semitism or any other form of HATE delivers unprecedented disgust among people I identify as human beings.

My opinion is that legitimizing BDS is caving into terror. Bravery is something which many mayors have gotten away from and not knowing what performing public service is all about. Many US states haven’t caved into terror. Ontario and Canada itself won’t endorse the BDS movement keeping anti-Semitism at bay.

Some groups start out saying they will secure public transport because authorities don’t etc. So they make their presence known that way. I don’t feel white only groups should be allowed to have clubhouses or meetings in Canada. Public bars, pool rooms etc. that open their facilities to their meetings should face criminal harassment charges.

White HATE groups in Canada focus primarily now against people from other countries which can be Israel or India as prime targets of HATE. Although it can be anyone who becomes a target for whatever strange reason it doesn’t ever stop. People become victims of those with no standards of behavior when Islamophobia anti-Semitism or racism against any minority group takes place. This can also be against those with physical or mental illness. Hitler wasn’t supportive of anyone except a group which even he couldn’t belong to being that he had dark hair and was short.

The United Nations are playing a role in the rise of ant-Semitism globally. I am going to show an example here which Benjamin Netanyahu is struggling with overcoming.

“I am using an article below from Jerusalem Post with permission.”

This article taken from Jerusalem Post

Top of Form


04/16/2016 16:55

Netanyahu: UNESCO resolution ‘ignores unique Jewish connection to Temple Mount’

UNESCO adopts resolution ignoring Jewish ties to Temple Mount

Lapid sends letter to UNESCO chief calling on her to act to cancel the resolution adopted by the body on Friday.

Jerusalem Post
Picture taken from Jerusalem Post

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed as “absurd” a UNESCO resolution whose language ignores Jewish ties to its holy religious site of the Temple Mount and the Western Wall area in Jerusalem’s Old City.

“UNESCO ignores the unique Jewish connection to the Temple Mount, the site of two temples for 1,000 years, and the place to which Jews prayed for thousands of years,” Netanyahu said in a statement Saturday night. “ The UN is rewriting a basic part of human history and proving that there is no low to which it will not reach,” he added.
Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid on Friday night distributed copies of the resolutions to the media and slammed the decision.

He penned a letter to the UNESCO director-general Irina Bokova in which he called the resolution a “disgraceful attempt to rewrite history and rewrite reality as part of a sustained political campaign against the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

“This resolution was an utterly irresponsible intervention in one of the most complex places in the Middle East. UNES-CO prides itself on promoting tolerance, interfaith and inter-cultural dialogue, yet it passes resolutions which erase the Jewish people from the historical narrative,” Lapid said.

He warned that the UNESCO resolution feeds the type of incitement that fueled the violence that began around the time of the Jewish New Year.

“The decision by UNESCO feeds this incitement and so contributes to the wave of terrorism. It will lead directly to more attacks against innocent Israeli civilians and you cannot avoid responsibility for that,” Lapid said.

“This latest one-sided resolution is a stain on the United Nations,” he wrote, urging Bokova to publicly declare her opposition to it.

“You must not allow UNESCO to be hijacked as part of the campaign to delegitimize Israel and isolate the Jewish people,” he said.

The broad-ranging resolution UNESCO’s Executive Board adopted in Paris on Friday condemns Israeli actions in east Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip but focus in large part on Israeli actions with regard to the Temple Mount and Western Wall Plaza.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam all consider the Temple Mount to be a holy site, but the UNESCO Resolution referred to the area solely as al-Aksa Mosque/al-Ha-ram al Sharif, except for two references to the Western Wall Plaza that were put in parenthesis. The text also referred to the plaza area by the Western Wall as al-Buraq Plaza.

In October, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization backed away from reclassifying the Western Wall as solely a Muslim holy site, but is now using language that almost solely refers to it as such.

April’s resolution reaffirmed that the Mughrabi Ascent, which starts at the Western Wall Plaza, is an integral and inseparable part of al-Aksa Mosque/al-Ha-ram al-Sharif.

The resolution calls on Israel to restore the status of the Temple Mount to what it was prior to September 2000 when the second intifada broke out. At that time, according to the resolution, the Jordan Wakf had full control of al-Aksa Mosque/ al-Haram al Sharif including maintenance and restoration work and regulating access.

The site currently is under the full authority, but not full control, of the Islamic Wakf. Only Muslims are allowed to pray at the Aksa complex, but Jews and members of other faiths are allowed to visit.

Israel controls the access to the site, and has persistently rejected all claims that the status quo at the site has been changed.

UNESCO called on Israel not to restrict Muslim worshipers from accessing the al-Aksa Mosque site and condemned the violence that occurred there in the fall, but focused solely on Israeli actions in those incidents and not the violence of the Muslim rioters.

It condemned Israeli plans to build a prayer space for Women of the Wall by Robinson’s Arch, although it did not mention the group by name.

The resolution also charged that Israel had placed “Jewish fake graves” in other Muslim cemeteries located on Wakf property east and south of the al-Aksa mosque.

Aside from its condemnations with regard to Jerusalem, the resolution deplored the “new cycle of violence, since October 2015, in the context of the constant aggressions by the Israeli settlers and other extremist groups against Palestinian residents including schoolchildren, and asks Israel, the Israeli authorities to pre-vent such aggressions.” It did not mention the 34 fatalities from Palestinian attacks.

UNESCO also said it regretted Israel’s failure to comply with its request to remove from its National Heritage list the Cave of the Patriarch/Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron and Rachel’s Tomb/Bilal bin Rabah mosque in Bethlehem.

The 58-member board approved resolution 19 with 33 votes in favor, six against and 17 abstentions. Ghana and Turkmenistan were absent all together.

Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Nether-lands, the United Kingdom and the Unit-ed States opposed the resolution outright, while France, Spain, Sweden and Slovenia were among those who supported it.

A second resolution that more globally condemned Israeli actions, passed with 45 votes in favor, one vote against – the United States – and 11 abstentions.

Herb Keinon contributed to this report.

“originally posted at

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What is the direction for USA Civil Unrest?

What is the direction for USA Civil Unrest?

Civil unrest in the USA seems to be under control then something happens. You may ask what is the direction for USA civil unrest?Even if you look at how Boxing Day specials can lead to violence then what indicators do experts look at? In regards how to instill faith in communities to make them safe in public places? Mall attacks are sometimes the first places terrorists or the unruly look at to instill violent messages. Meeting to fight at the mall was common when I was a youth in addition to many people would pick a public gathering spot to fight it out.

What is the direction for USA Civil Unrest?

The USA is still more peaceful than many countries though if you become targeted as an individual or a minority then you won’t agree. What is the direction for USA Civil Unrest? Being a victim of violence is possible even in peaceful rural communities. You may wish to move somewhere when you have been exposed to violence. The election in the USA was turbulent though it is surprising that now Trump has come forward to back Israel against anti-Semites.

For some time I kept quiet regarding the new Republicans fearing what was taking place with the Alt Right movement who are therefore outspoken as racist anti-Semites. I didn’t want to cave in to speak highly of any groups which would take on anti-Semitic or followers of such. Apparently now it comes out that Melania Trump is Jewish as are the rest of her children. That is the news I see from a Canadian viewpoint.

What is the direction for USA Civil Unrest
Anti-American group

What is the direction for USA Civil Unrest?

Does that mean that Trump was not honest with racist anti-Semitic followers? I can’t see a man that would have a Jewish family belonging to an anti-Semitic organization. I am not a real news broadcaster just an opinionated blogger. Hopefully, Trump and Pence will come forward promoting good news towards African American voters. I feel they can’t just ignore African Americans needs and concerns.

The anti-Semitic groups which came forward during the election as Trump supporters might not get what they want from the Republicans I feel. Most of those groups can’t agree on anything anyway. For one thing those that claim to be Aryan have different religious beliefs among many of that alleged race of powerful people. Some groups are Christian with links to the KKK while the others which support neo Nazi Hitler beliefs have strange religious beliefs.  Southern Poverty Law Center

White rights advocates can have different beliefs regarding the origin of mankind. Sexuality can be different among some groups as well as the concepts of family. Community can be somewhat similar to ISIS among some wanting something like the Caliphate but Nazi. The movie Imperium showed something like what is being spread across the world with disenfranchised groups that don’t agree with each other as seen in the movie but they network with each other.

What is the direction for USA Civil Unrest?

The race riots of the sixties brought change for supporters of Martin Luther King. He was the man who promoted that you can’t end hate with HATE. Sometimes it shows LBJ as an anti-Semite or racist though he seems to have picked MLK’s version of rights activities over other rising groups. Because of the massive possible change it seems that the FBI was used to keep watch of MLK though what they were watching wasn’t released until much later in time and promoted by conspiracy theorists.

From a Canadian point of view I feel it takes world knowledge of what is happening in the USA broadcast by honest American individuals to get accurate portrayals of what is happening now. Watching the news broadcasts coming from media won’t do it. It takes American’s telling their stories of what is happening by blogging about it. I enjoy blogging and have worked on visual appeal and SEO a lot rising through the search rankings though I am still a small blogger.

I am supportive of organized religion which includes Christianity, Jewish and Islamic. There are many other religions with peaceful followers. Islam wasn’t a terrorist religion though the rise of groups with uneducated followers or recent converts to extreme sects is growing. I hate terror and all its implications. This would include even extreme protesters like we have even seen protesting education in Quebec. India has nice Sikh religion as well as many countries have Hindu religion. India despite its massive billion plus population is quite peaceful.

What is the direction for USA Civil Unrest?

Donald Trump used the abortion topic among his portfolio with the Christian right. That is a divisive topic which he didn’t talk about much though there was some media coverage of that he just wouldn’t support it. Hillary Clinton came under fire a little bit over abortion though it didn’t seem like the topic to cause her trouble. It must have been below the media coverage where it held influence. I remember a slight reference as to how many state by state children who weren’t born.

Roe vs Wade is legislation which was implemented in the 70’s. This was legislation which protected women’s rights over their own bodies. Abortion is a controversial topic which came up again during the campaign. This legislation may be repealed. In Texas family planning is defunded. Hopefully young women in trouble can find some community resources to help them raise their children rather than falling into unsolvable situations with their newborns.

Sometimes I don’t know where I stand on some abortion situations feeling that in some cases it is necessary to the individual mother’s situation. I wouldn’t have an abortion of my child when they warned against age of mother while now I am proud to be a father. Every situation is different. I wouldn’t understand most legislation which is out there. I am not elected to office.

Israel is very happy with Trump-Pence both of who will protect the Holy Land from terror supporting Israel. I am definitely against the UN. The UN will be defunded by USA, Canada, and Israel. I would like it to come up in the House of Commons a CPC motion to defund the UN. The relevance it has in our lives or politics is non-existent. The UN is hostile to Yazidi, Jews, and many other countries and cultures.

Obama was a good President

To wrap up this post I will say that Americans of all faiths races and cultures may still not know what to expect. It is not clear how the Republicans are going to treat anyone until the White House changes office. I am supportive of the Obama family having good lives. Staying in touch with Americans who trusted them throughout both terms. Obama was more like a good diplomat with unsolvable world problems. The problems Obama had will be solved through war. The UN will not coordinate with the new administration. There will most likely be no consultation of the UN security council by Pennsylvania Avenue.
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USA Mid-East relations Iran nuclear deal

USA Mid-East relations

John Kerry may be wasting his time before the President Leaves office. Donald Trump is going to defund the UN I’m sure which will strain USA Mid-East relations. My reading states that the UN is going to have a tough time with the Republicans.  Trump may support a two state solution, but peace has to come with guarantees before negotiating a two state nation. I am not railing against John Kerry or the President. Many people on either side of the issue see what is happening.Many people support Israel though despite all the opposition.

You can’t negotiate with Israel until the rockets stop and Shin Bet and Mossad rest easier at night. The IDF are in a promotional war using their image all over the web to gain support for their people they protect. Many people are involved in the security of Israel especially since it is a country with mandatory service which I support. I don’t know the figures but I know there is Shin Bet Mossad and the military has its own intelligence agency. These preparations effect USA Mid-East relations.

USA Mid-East relations

Israel has learned to be vigilant which I feel is not a fair way to feel. Being in a never ending defensive position is not fair. Also not fair is when the UN doesn’t stop Iran from calling them a genocidal nation without any medium between them. You can bet Iran will not face sanctions plus Boeing gave Iran a half off deal on new airplanes. They are also buying from Airbus!

USA Mid-East relations
USA Mid-East relations

Iran nuclear deal

How Iran came up so fast with the USA after they had Kerry negotiate the nuclear deal is anyone’s guess. Does that mean people in the USA aren’t worried about Israel’s nuclear arsenal? Israel I would argue is a responsible nation which I don’t feel would fire them at anyone. Palestinians have said if they had a bomb that would do it they would kill every Israeli. Fair comes up again in this post because I am sick of anti-Semitism being tolerated in society. Islamophobia I don’t approve of either but someone has to step-in.


Justin Trudeau voted against sixteen resolutions hostile to Israel in his first year in office which may go against his friend Barack Obama. That would be a hard way to vote when they appear in many photos together. There has been a lot of talk about the PM wanting to gain a seat on the Security Council. I don’t care myself about the UN which I don’t favor since the Rwandan genocide. Many people don’t like the UN though there are those that place the UN as more important than Canada or the USA despite being citizens.

Canadian PM's
Prime Minister Stephen Harper hugs the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

Canada Israel relations

Benjamin Netanyahu had the unwavering support of Stephen Harper for many years. I see Stephen Harper on the web a lot saying supportive words to Israel and Canadians serving abroad as an example. He is not the PM anymore but I don’t feel he faked anything as some people going against Israel do daily. I don’t support fakes while BDS is based upon fraud of the Palestinian authority Abbas is just a Hamas front line broker.

Hamas kills Palestinians that don’t support their terror plots. The Palestinian authority pays monthly salaries to families of those that have killed Jews in terror attacks. Israel didn’t set fire to itself while they had global support from many that don’t support sanctions. Some day you will see shocking news at how close we came to nuclear war because of this trash news around the world. The Iran nuclear deal legitimizes terror most likely.

Iran obtaining new Boeing airplanes and airbus with Boeing going to take a 50% reduction in the price tag. Boeing is a good plane manufacturer so is Airbus which many Canadian airlines use. Big manufacturing companies giving terrorist countries discounts are strange. Hopefully, we will get past the global threats.

Security in the West

Does the RCMP or law enforcement agencies of other countries have the idea that the nuclear deal with Iran cleaned them up. There must have been many oil deals struck during the nuke talks. During the Bush years Iran was looked at for supplying WMD. I’m sure Iran  was looked at for IED’s as well. You don’t just forget that is how it worked and it got put away.

The FBI is I believe the top organization at looking into terror threats against the USA though they don’t comment on topics such as nuclear talks or genocide in the news. Online life is changing for many viewing news media on a computer tablet or smart phone is more the norm now. I don’t like to use my smart phone for more than text, Facebook, Instagram, and twitter. Imagine how the FBI could comment on how all that works for everyone while still looking at terror.

The CIA is mostly for outside the country stuff which doesn’t often hit the media. Edward Snowden wasn’t much of a spy though it seems like he released such big stuff because of it saying of his involvements. Russia and Wiki leaks made him more than he should have been.

Canada has CSIS though I don’t know what they do in Canada or abroad. The RCMP handles a lot of cases in Canada and we have more than one cyber security agency. City police officers seem to be the ones that run into the terrorists when they have been successful at an attack. The police do outclass the jihad i’s though.

Civil unrest

In conclusion I will discuss civil unrest in the USA. Donald Trump I will not mention he is the president elect so I leave it be. The rise of white power organizations won’t beat African American spirit or the changes that have happened for them since before Selma.

We all can vote but change doesn’t come easy in the USA. The white organizations invent new titles such as organization names etc. to avoid detection. Many groups work together but some don’t agree. You will never see a unified HATE organization which can take over the USA completely. No president will let the constitution go up in flames.
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Israel which suffers from terror faces UN intimidation

Israel which suffers from terror faces UN intimidation

The United Nations is not fair with Israel no matter what side you take on Israeli settlements. Israel which suffers from terror faces UN intimidation, and violence because look at the number of resolutions against Israel in comparison to other countries. The United Nations takes the side of countries while they commit genocide. Rwanda is one example of genocide that the UN especially relevant.

Israel which suffers from terror faces UN intimidation
United Nations council room

Israelis are struggling once again for survival. Israel which suffers from terror faces UN intimidation. Holocaust deniers are going full bore online, not only on “White sites.” The world is on another bad journey so a more substantial world conflict than what we currently see is going to take place.

Jewish people are looking around the world for friends most of all. The USA is a traditional although that is not always clear. I love the USA despite world conflicts not  being taken into consideration. The Yazidi people are facing extinction without many advocates . Israel which suffers from terror faces UN intimidation.

Christians are facing some of the same issues

Christians are being thrown off ships by people that claim refugee status.  What leaders in the world are really standing up to terrorism? Terrorism often does originate in the Middle East. Israel is the better protector of the Holy Land. I support Israel in obtaining peace from terror before negotiating.

Benjamin Netanyahu most likely won’t cower before the UN. I was supportive of France until it became clear that France’s leaders are supporting BDS. France had better stay clear of supporting angry segregationist movements within their country.

Europe is suffering more terror attacks than the USA. City police officers around the world seem to be able to deal with the threats. Milan Italy was fast at handling the threat of terror just as was San Bernardino police. Ottawa police had something to deal with though it was handled quickly as well though I don’t like to mention terror in my own country.


Israel has faced rocket attacks and the talk of taking Jewish blood doesn’t go away. My personal opinion is what the US states” don’t negotiate with terrorists.” They are not capable of peace! Peace is for those that don’t engage in genocide.

Palestinians are in a no-man’s land where weapons placed in hands are directed to kill Jews. From Facebook and twitter I did find good blogging resources. The Palestinian people don’t have representation. Terrorist attacks then asking for peace from Israel is ludicrous. Terror is the end game not the opener.


Example- Israel which suffers from terror faces UN intimidation


(Copied from the UN Security Council website)

GENEVA, November 25 – The U.N. General Assembly’s 2015 session is adopting 20 resolutions singling out Israel for criticism — and only 3 resolutions on the rest of the world combined.

All but one of the texts have already been adopted by the plenary yesterday, or have been approved at the initial committee vote. See texts and votes below.

The three that do not concern Israel are: one on Syria, a regime that has murdered more than 200,000 of its own people, one on Iran, and one on North Korea.

Not a single UNGA resolution this year (70th session) is expected to be adopted on gross and systematic abuses committed by China, Cuba, Egypt, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Yemen, Zimbabwe, or on dozens of other perpetrators of gross and systematic human rights violations.”

Lack of fair play in UN resolutions

I wonder how apathy between the UN sponsors can exist in cases of Israeli intimidation. I know Israel is intimidated by the UN. Not all Muslim countries stand against Israel Bahrain being friendly. I would love to see the USA stop funding the UN.

World Leaders

Obama was a good President. I believe he faced the world more as a trained diplomat although he did abandon Israel which I never believed possible. Why? Could we be facing another Holocaust with Israel once again? Is Israel becoming the victim despite having nuclear weapons? We can’t expect Israel to fire upon them!

Benjamin Netanyahu has been travelling the world using diplomacy. Looking to find out if Jews have any friends in other countries. France is out, so is Norway despite the Oslo attacks on children etc. Ireland welcomed the BDS movement into most cities. Mayors seem to be the ones who control the response to Israeli settlements. Despite world pressure thrown at Israel to give in to terror.

Canada’s role

Canada for what I know so far refers to BDS, and its supporters as a HATE group. The Ontario government rejected the BDS movement completely. The CPC doesn’t support the BDS movement. The RCMP website is for Canadians to read. Find out how to view the BDS movement or other anti-Semitic groups.

Canada is not supportive of HATE material being on its shores. Canadian authorities don’t just look at  which group brings it in. HATE material is like child pornography which is illegal here in Canada. Strong measures may come in to deal with HATE in Canada. Therefore anti-Bullying is out there as a group to join with the topic getting much exposure.

The days of families feeling safe are gone when you think of Stephen Harper my favorite PM. He promoted the idea of rural people arming themselves. The attacks on our soldiers didn’t stop when Parliament Hill was attacked. We now lost another soldier in Jordan.

In conclusion let’s think of the direction we are going in. What is our destination with the spread of HATE? News on the internet is getting more extreme, and  entering normal society.
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Tarot card reading regarding ISIS terror

Tarot card reading regarding ISIS terror

This is a tarot card reading regarding ISIS terror. Honestly the coverage of ISIS in media helps them (ISIS.) I don’t believe they are the unstoppable force that the USA and allies such as NATO can’t handle. In every case of ISIS terror city police officers have been able to take out the terrorists after they have killed innocent people. Talking to law enforcement is taking place I believe by many people including Muslims that don’t agree with terror on good soil.

This is their version of bravery

Going after daycares was something that terrorists have mentioned to gain an emotional advantage over the masses. Like the Munich massacre where it was so close to peaceful historic events terrorists attacked. I don’t believe for one minute that following the path of terror will gain acclaim in the afterlife. You will more likely be as unimportant or still the significant loser in the afterlife. report suspicious activity Almost every day I do a tarot card reading regarding ISIS terror.

They won’t last

My tarot card readings indicate that ISIS is going to change names sometime within the next two years. Because of the media team which broadcasts as heavy online to attract drug dealers into their organization.

Not many people are actually attracted to dying in the name of Allah. Allah is supposed to bring peace to the world despite including anti-Semitic meanings in the Quran. Jesus is in the Quran as another prophet. The Quran is supposed to be an update to the Old Testament which is also known as the Torah followed by the New Testament than the Quran in their philosophy. These things were told to me by an Imam.

Tarot card reading regarding ISIS terror
Correct ISIS flag

Is terror in the Quran?

For some time I studied English written versions of the Quran attending Mosques in two provinces. Muslims are for the most part nice people like any other culture when they are left alone. Terrorists are out there speaking their nonsensical angry expletives about long forgotten causes. You may never understand what is bothering those people at all especially this pure Caliphate for those willing to challenge law enforcement in marches praising 9/11.

The crimes of ISIS or ISIL Daesh include genocide human trafficking murder child luring and terrorist attacks. Some of the members are hiding their internal conflicts over their sexual identity by using violence against women. This could be because homosexuality is frowned upon by the majority of Muslim families. I would like to know how many advisors perform a daily tarot card reading regarding isis terror.

Terror online

They seem to have backing by hacker communities which say that they are exposing the corruption of the western world. That makes me think that wiki leaks and its founder who moves hiding around the world and Snowden etc. worked with terror groups. Exposing the secrets of the government was also supposedly done by a movie maker who never came across too real to me. I saw some propaganda material and it doesn’t measure up to Hollywood movies which do get very real. How many advisors have spoken with who have been asked to perform a tarot card reading regarding isis terror.

The UN no longer has an international role

I support the USA though recently them not standing up for Israel Jews and Christians to the UN made me sad. Look at the BDS movement to see the direction terror is influencing UN relations with Christians and Jews. I see them trying to remove Christian and Jewish identity from the Holy Land. I support keeping Israel as the safe guarder of the Holy Land.

You will most likely see the new Republican government take strong action against terror not giving people the chance to protest. War crimes could take place but if you look at how UN will not move their political structure at Syria only Israel then the current USA government won’t care. Jews will be very happy moving the USA embassy to Jerusalem and will take that as an indication from the USA to build settlements annexing land away from their enemies.

Hamas does promote ISIS in their moves. Hamas has a great deal of influence with the UN especially since Hamas is the Palestinian authority in thin disguise. I don’t like hearing news about Abbas as if he were a real world leader. Isis and Hamas won’t do as well with the collapse of the Palestinian authority and will cause terror to try to rebrand them globally.

Muslim people in society

Muslim people are honest people! I do know this from experience as well as they are friendly by most accounts. Terror is a separate issue for the recently converted or those with sexual identity issues. I would hope that like my readings indicate that the Palestinian people will be able to remove themselves from their violent representatives and put forward a more peaceful message. They will most likely indicate that Jews have the right to exist.

Over the last few years I began getting on Facebook and twitter more. One library employee showed me how to get better use from Facebook and twitter for trending news. I have changed Facebook and twitter profiles going in a new direction. I subscribe to more Israeli news than ever before. It is not hard to find the truth about terror that western media censors from viewers.

Be good online

Facebook is a good tool which even if it loses some popularity will still be very large including its advertising platform which is good for psychics. Twitter can be more wide open and defamatory though it comes across fast in the news you sign up for.

I have read books about Facebook hoping to learn secret tricks to make me a better blogger on here. My blog is more visually appealing plus I hope to expand into obtaining more views. My blog has more than 7000 subscribers and my analytics show me what countries I’m popular in.

For a while I used my library to learn HTML and other tricks to blog better visually since I had only read blogs beginning in 2012. I believe ISIS has many people who access the web for them but not me. Standing against terror on the web should be exciting not a fearful thing.

Myself I believe in cooperating with authorities against extremism and crime. Accessing the web I believe comes with a responsibility. Keeping secrets about violence is a crime. ISIS will not be able to hide their web servers from the USA or NATO despite their online bravado.

When I perform a tarot card reading regarding isis terror i get this. Don’t use dirty web platforms to view content.  Violent confrontations between the public and law enforcement I believe happens when you have accessed those sites then are in a hostile situation with law enforcement.

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Pray for our world leaders that stand against terror today

Pray for our world leaders that stand against terror today

The recent terror attacks in Berlin so close to Christmas are sad pertaining to Christian Muslim relations. I have heard many stories over the years of how or why people should not mix socially. I love mixing socially with people from all walks of life. It makes life interesting and special. You can never know who the bad people are until something happens like this. Hopefully our government can make a good address to those suffering now. Pray for our world leaders that stand against terror today.

Pray for our World Leaders that stand against terror today

Aleppo is not properly addressed though I did see there were evacuations taking place though not soon enough. I see the most disturbing images of children and youth on floors arms folded across their chests. Syria is not run by the government of Canada though how Canada can step in to solve it is not clear. Frustration of how quick or slow governments respond is a terrible issue with no answer sometimes.

Syria is on the hearts and minds of many though spreading good news is difficult when it could endanger those still in danger. Being honest in the news is not possible when you look at how reactions to events take place under strain. You may never see a good end to the violence in the world which started before our counted centuries.

Considering peace

Count yourself lucky to enjoy peace while you read my blog posts. I don’t know of any other way to say it but the world is at war. This may not be called ww3 but we are at war on every continent with terrorists and those connected to terror. I pray that someday we can look at this in the mirror of a god Christmas. The US has seen the President make many addresses regarding school shootings on his home ground.

Pray for our world leaders that stand against terror today
Prime Minister Stephen Harper hugs the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada Justin Trudeau

Announcing terror on embassies is also unpleasant to speak of or lecture on. Those that work in the service of their country are in danger even if not in uniform as seen by the death of a Canadian soldier in Jordan days ago. Having answers for family was a problem for Stephen Harper during his terms.

The current PM does do things on an international scale though trouble is at home causing frustration for many. Speaking of those things must be difficult in front of a camera lens. I wish today the leaders of the free world countries my good will and prayers if they stand against terror anti-Semitism and racism.

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Bill 20 the new carbon tax for Albertans

Bill 20 the new carbon tax for Albertans

Mostly I would feel it is not hard to get legislation through when you hold the majority in the Legislature. I most likely won’t know how it is going to affect me until I have my 2017 taxes prepared though I may see it at the pump. I don’t know where else it is going to come up yet though I have been reading about the topic a bit. We must consider legislation such as Bill 20 the new carbon tax for Albertans.

Bill 20 the new carbon tax for Albertans
Alberta legislature

The NDP Alberta government passed 3 pieces of new legislation in its first 14 days. Having a vision also means including Albertans in discussions. Attending rallies doesn’t make a government comply with what you wish. It works that way on either side of the vote. I blog on here mostly talking about what the Conservative Party is doing though I don’t get into topics too deep.

For those who want to make change happen rather than going to the protest side of things I have  a few recommendations. Take up blogging or volunteer for the politician you identify with the most. If you have to look too far into media to see who holds your attention then move onto someone else. You need to support active politicians with their own vision. That is how to do it right.

You could create your own newsletter and distribute it to those who take it willingly. Force is not good anymore especially with some of the heavy comments coming up lately in protests. Having a voice for your frustration is possible. I have seen politicians follow through on the promises they make if they actually receive messages from the supporters.

Don’t support a politician by just talking about them. Watch them in debates which is possible. Follow your elected officials on social media. Volunteer as on the ground support so they win the election. Have good relations with your neighbors if you wish to attract good opinions of your opinion.

The carbon tax has some support from UK politicians as well as Obama and I believe the current federal government. It will take smooth discussions to challenge those elected officials. Currently conservative groups are sort of taking over the media. I don’t support every group that takes a position against rivals of the CPC or PC Alberta. Though I feel it will take elections to have any change.

Comment more online so you can enter more discussions of good topics. Online communities for bloggers are out there. Having a blog dedicated to your party of choice can get your opinion out there. It works!
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It will never happen again

Government of Canada and BDS

The government of Canada rejects the BDS movement as being a HATE group. Hopefully Canada will work to ensure “it will never happen again” meaning another Holocaust.The same goes for its supporters which is why the Green Party may have tried to reword their stance on Israel which faces intimidation and terror daily. I have re-posted a few links to articles on how Canada stands up to the movement. One article is on my sidebar where the government spoke up on it when the Conservatives held office. Now I have also posted the response which I would endorse myself by the current Liberal government.

it will never happen again
BDS Movement

It will never happen again

Myself, I would personally rather not speak on the topic so that I could avoid confrontation online. But what do you do in case of the false information out there about Jewish people. Many groups oppose Israeli rights to live free from harm. Do you remember the Holocaust?

Michelle Rempel wrote a good article “It will never happen again?”  which was on Aleppo and even slightly mentions the” It will never happen again” comments. They are just comments now when world governments such as the UN pick what is right and wrong in society.

Opposing the UN decisions on Christians and Jewish rights to the Holy Land are not laughable but may become law. Who are the faces at the UN who do those sorts of things! Maybe I can post regarding their political connections such as which has been referenced as HAMAS a known terror group.

The Palestinian authority hopefully will collapse and a more friendly peaceful representation of Palestinian people will come forward. The Palestinian authority which I have read about in news articles comes across to me like this. Paying support to Palestinians that murder Jewish people including law enforcement and children. I don’t want to make many more comments on the Leader Abbas who lives very well in a greedy lifestyle.

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Five point unity plan from Jason Kenney

Jason Kenney and his five point unity plan

Five point unity plan from Jason Kenney may see the return of  Conservative politics to Alberta. Kenney has major endorsements and a federal grounding in politics. Jim Prentice had some plans for Alberta though he moved out of provincial politics. Jim Prentice was a very good man.

Five point unity plan from Jason Kenney

Uniting the Alberta conservatives may not be that hard if Jason Kenney wins the nomination. I see in advertisements that there is a reform party in Alberta. Advertisements for all political parties pop up on YouTube and Facebook often. I see detailed information regarding green energy on YouTube and Facebook. Five point unity plan from Jason Kenney.

Five point unity plan from Jason Kenney
Unite Alberta-Jason Kenney

Premier Rachel Notley has political support in Europe as I have seen on the BBC. You can see that fundraising isn’t mentioned much in the Conservative political circles or the NDP.  I wonder how funds can be raised to take on a rich liberal government. Being popular is good so Jason Kenney probably has some of that now.

I don’t read much about green politics or windmills Green energy.. Those topics may get more exposure if rough politics in media doesn’t go away. Being the alternative party the NDP may just play it cool during protests even if the protesters aren’t registered conservatives.

Federal support

The CPC opposes the BDS movement and the Ontario government rejected that anti-Semitic movement. All those running in the next provincial election Israel must discuss Israel. I don’t want to feel that Alberta supports the anti-Semitism though it seems support is by remaining silent.

I have joined the CPC in time to vote for the leadership candidate I choose to support. In provincial politics I tentatively support Jason Kenney’s five point unity plan though I feel him being leader of PC Alberta could be a long way off.

Right now If Jason Kenney doesn’t get to the role of leader than I am not open to supporting anyone in provincial politics. It is possible to see strong federal conservatives migrate into provincial politics. Without Jason Kenney restoring provincial conservative politics could be hard to do. When you look at how many possible parties there in Alberta uniting will take work.
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Andrew Scheer for Leader of the CPC

Andrew Scheer for leader of the CPC

Andrew Scheer for leader of the CPC has the most support so far as seen on his website. I tentatively support him because I haven’t seen the MP’s I support jumping into support anyone though they contribute to the parliamentary debates daily. Alberta does need to join with other western provinces in building/rebuilding our industries. I have to renew my CPC membership to be able to vote in the race or to attend CPC meetings of any sort. You can find the links to do that on my blog if you wish to join or recommit to CPC activities.

Andrew Scheer for leader of the CPC
Conservative with most support to become the party leader

Honesty should enter media regarding political rivalries!

You will never hear me go into heavy comments regarding government officials elected or appointed from any party. I don’t support the Green Party’s stance on Israel even if they are rewording it. Dangerous politics is out there and I don’t see any conservatives supporting the anti-Semitic BDS movement which doesn’t wish for Israel to exist.

You can find many links on my blog which are supportive of Canadian organizations. Please take the time to read my little blog if you find anything of interest in any of my posts or pages. My blog draws on my little bit of publicity from years of being a tarot card reader travelling British Columbia. I also worked online for more than a decade as Ocean Mystic 12 with a small following. I would like to use my knowledge from living in four Canadian provinces to advise others. Working in different industries means I can offer a different sort of commentary.

Being out of the tarot card industry for the time being I am getting my life in order. I will go in a new direction where I can offer or find meaning to my days. You will see me continue to offer support online to elected officials who do their jobs. I do make nice comments regarding officials from other party’s. When politicians have made good of a promise which is sometimes hard to do I try to mention them.
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My blog has been updated today

My blog has been updated today

My blog has been updated today on the political commentary page. You can find me post on here sometimes to update content though I haven’t been on in some time. I miss being a Keen Ad Visor though I intend on coming back in the future.

This is why my blog has been updated today. You will never see me go without adding an opinion in a conversation I am included in. I am opinionated though I feel I’m a nice guy. You can count on me to be honest straightforward and kind like I was to my dear clients on

My blog has been updated today because I don’t have so many people to speak with on the phone lately. I miss conversation and good voices. Hearing and sharing are important to me so now I have been following Canadian federal politics including the debates.

My blog has been updated today
Michelle Rempel

You can find a lot going on in Canadian politics rather than watching US news of turmoil. I am happy that race isn’t discussed in Canada as much as in other countries. I am proud that Canadian police don’t protect anti-Semitic or racist rallies.

Canada doesn’t support racism or Islamophobia

my blog has been updated today
Canadian police encountering protesters

We haven’t had as many racist attacks on law enforcement in Canada though they have been deadly. Still law enforcement here doesn’t label protesters or hurt the public often. The USA is facing a crisis with protests against law enforcement even causing police to delay in reacting to violence.

I am for speaking your mind if you are reasonable in opinion. Being open to debate is almost mandatory if you blog. I am not really open to debate because I don’t have a large audience to make it possible to answer to causes discussed on here.
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My Political commentary page is updated today

My Political commentary page is updated today

You will find my  political commentary page is updated today. I have just added a little piece at the end of the article. My own views on conservative politics represent what I have seen of the party. I don’t have much to offer in promoting the party though I blog a bit on here.

CPC in the media

You will find much of the CPC if you know how to look into topics. YouTube and cpac are good places to begin searching other than mainstream media such as CBC or the National Post. Lately Michelle Rempel is in the media a lot for challenging debates in the House of Commons. I like the fact that the Conservative Party of Canada has strong representation by women in parliament.

my political commentary page is updated today
Ottawa Canada Parliament of Canada

My big interest for international politics isn’t what politician do in their personal lives such as vacations or dating but how they represent their individual ridings. Climate change is causing a lot of frustration among Canadians. I haven’t studied the topic much but apparently many have. It is most likely that I haven’t looked into the topic deeply.

On my page videos for Canadian conservatives you will find good videos regarding climate change and various conservative views on public matters. I have worked on my hobby blogging by studying various blog topics at the library and online. It is exciting to have an interest which continues to develop. I have found some content regarding my blog coming up higher in searches online. That means my work  is paying off. Canadian politics You can find soon that my blog post lengths will increase now that I can spend more time researching content . I am genuinely happy about the appearance of my blog so I am moving on from working on that.


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Washington mall shooting

Washington mall shooting

You may never have the answers to stopping attacks on fellow citizens such as in the Washington mall shooting. Ending violence or racial intolerance can come from caring. I speak with Americans I care about daily. You may never see me on big TV though I hope to reach people that like tarot readings. People that would like my caring style. I never had the intention of relating so many terror attacks when I began blogging. It is the way it is nowadays unlike before

Washington mall shooting tribute
Washington mall shooting tribute

The Washington mall shooting is bringing home to people what it means to be American during difficult times. America will lay to rest the attacks one day!

My blogging

My blogging is spreading a little bit to twitter and Facebook. It is rather limited because of many reasons. I am not that famous though I was rather popular on I would like to make a comeback on there though time and commitment gets in the way. I just liked being a Keen ad visor.

You’re not going to find many ad visors on the web with my keen sense of events. I have advised quite a lot of people regarding events during turmoil. I pray for those that feel no hope finding they have fewer friends than before trouble happened.

You really don’t have to be alone finding support is out there in many places. You don’t always need to tell your friends you value stuff you feel is private. Never feel alone in situations where you feel revealing your intentions or feelings could be detrimental.

With the Washington mall shooting being so close to Canada in British Columbia where i used to live it is like OMG. Going to Washington was always a big joyful feeling to me. I wish I lived so close to the USA still.

You can find me on here or occasionally on Keen where I still read for anyone weekly. I wish I had more time available to be your ad visor.

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Your country could be like this country Venezuela

Your country could be like this country Venezuela

Venezuela has in this video been mentioned as a democracy. You may not know what a South American democracy looks like when you consider their ties to Cuba. Many countries which linked to the idea of a revolution therefore took as the example any country which used the term. Angola backed by Cuba or any other dictatorship including African dictatorships seems like they are speaking of Liberty or freedoms. Your country could be like this country Venezuela.

Socialism isn’t working

The notable Cuban dictator Fidel Castro often spoke in reference to Liberty as I see in videos I borrowed from my library. I like reading about socialism like seen as in Cuba though the term for that was communism. Kennedy didn’t like the revolution so close to Miami nor did any US president that came after JFK.

You may never travel to South America though speaking to people that have travelled or lived there is interesting. I like hearing about the food on the street or bars which are open air like the beer gardens at festivals in Canada. USA does have a good Fourth of July celebration which  emulates so many party days in SA.

your country could be like this country Venezuela
Latin American style dining hmm good

Canada most likely will remain with its blend of socialist policies which work really well like health care. On the other front we have a democracy where we get to vote. On another hand we have strong ties to US style capitalism. I don’t believe we will fall too far even though the drug war is failing including in Canada considering the opiate problem in Surrey as well as the problem which spread nationwide of the new pills we are seeing.

The RCMP are doing what they can though fentanyl distributers should face terror charges. I saw a few days ago a tough sentence for fentanyl distribution but what is a tough charge in Canada. Today I saw on Bing that Graham James just received full parole after 7 years.
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Colombia is now free from the Cuban revolution

Colombia is now free from the Cuban revolution

There has been a revolution in South America which included many SA countries. I am so happy that Colombia is now free of that historical catastrophe. FARC which was just a powerful drug gang is now at peace with the government of Colombia. Colombia is now free from the Cuban revolution.


Here is a Wiki link Socialism I usually don’t refer to Wiki articles though I browse the web for appropriate content. Venezuela is one country with Socialism for quite some time. It seems to work there though sometimes there are suggestions of human rights violations. Colombia is now free from the Cuban revolution.

Some time ago I made a report on Venezuela. I sort of liked the country in an abstract way though I wouldn’t want to live under its rules. You most likely will not ever see such practices happen in Canada though we have some socialism in a broad sense.

Trade agreements protect the USA whether they are international or bilateral. Communism is what was in Cuba for many years. The USA fought Cuba in many different ways. Communism is diminishing throughout the world because of trust.

The NDP is different in Alberta than what Thomas Mulcair tried to bring into federal politics. The leap manifesto won’t win big votes in elections. It seems to be a green policy sort of to unite the greens with the NDP.

The Green party is against Israel and is involved in boycotting Israeli products. I wouldn’t want to see the Green party become a bigger movement. It is funny too how Thomas Mulcair tried to bring into national news a two state solution for Israel. I would leave that topic alone to gain votes myself.

Anti-Semitism can begin from small instances. Topics such as someone mentioning a grocery store product. I love kosher pickles and see them prominently on display where I shop. Organic produce is prominently displayed in the vegetable section of the store. Those are good methods of organizing produce and  other products.

Reference to the BDS movement

I would boycott any store which displayed Green Party literature. No matter what I don’t see the Green Party as  same as the NDP. I don’t want to see those parties in a unite the left agenda.

I will stay out of major party goals because I don’t know what the Alberta right of center politicians are doing. Mostly they are raising funds though steering clear of policy discussions.

Policy is probably what put the NDP in power in Alberta. The PC Alberta hadn’t updated their policy in something like thirty years. It was time for some type of change but it took the breath away from many.
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Conservative Party of Canada Leadership race

Conservative Party of Canada Leadership race

The National Post seems to be the newspaper to read regarding the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race. I look forward to seeing who will rise to the top. I love race watching even if it is politics rather than car, cycle etc.

You may never know as well as the contenders what it takes to get to the top. I am not that far into Conservative news though I like a good read. You may have more news than I do so if you do than I hope you blog.

There is talk sometimes of needing an engine for a car or a country or organization. You may get tired of old faces like we see the same politicians in the news year to year month to month. I don’t follow all the names or faces though I know Canada has dedicated politicians.

What makes a politician depends upon the personal story of each member of parliament or legislature. I  only volunteer or write on here. You may see other literature some appealing some repelling depending upon your stance.

Canadian politics photo gallery

Canada is in the world’s news everyday despite not being the largest population. We are a very large expansive country which maintained the same borders for a very long time. We look at the changes since Confederation with some surprise. I missed a few of those changes including some changes to our anthem here ‘n’  there.

If you find you have an interest in talking about newsworthy items or political talk than you should consider getting involved. Volunteering for your chosen party or blogging about your views could get picked up by others as profound or silly to  repeat you never know.

My volunteer interest is in more grassroots stuff working out of a riding office putting up signs or placing literature in neighborhoods. Doing more might come in play as an election progresses. Right now despite all the political talk regarding funding or leadership it all just takes place with voting members who back delegates.

It could be confusing but getting more knowledge isn’t that hard. I read more as I get older and my topics often involve politics and culture. I love those topics which fascinate me pushing me to gain experience.

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