The attractions of Brazil

The attractions of Brazil

I have made mention of South America before in Blog posts. Now I want to feature Brazil a beautiful country which has many delights. It has very populated cities with rich culture. Food is delightful and exciting. I will just post here some articles written by experts that will cover the country properly.

Brazil – Wikipedia

Brazil’s economy is the world’s ninth- largest by nominal GDP and eighth- largest by GDP (PPP) as of 2015. A member of the BRICS group, Brazil until 2010 had one of the world’s fastest growing major economies, with its economic reforms giving the country new international recognition and influence.


Central Intelligence Agency

The Office of Public Affairs (OPA) is the single point of contact for all inquiries about the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). We read every letter, fax, or e-mail we receive, and we will convey your comments to CIA officials outside OPA as appropriate.

Top 10 foods to try in Brazil

Brazil really does have it all. Larger cities like São Paulo and Rio boast unique culture, personality and nightlife, while the thousands of miles of coastline, epic countryside and hearty cuisine will have you in raptures. We’ve picked 10 essential Brazilian dishes to try on your visit.

IMDb: Top Brazilian movies of the last 20 years – a list by Chaval

The last 20 years were great for brazilian cinema… years before, movies had poor scripts and production on the “porn-chanchada” times. 2003 had theaters full of public watching national movies, motivated by the late 2002 success of “Cidade de Deus“, the highest IMDB ranked brazilian movie.

Brazil Tourism

Tourism is becoming a major industry in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are two of the most visited destinations in the country, offering visitors (whether in the country on business or pleasure) a fabulous peek into the complex heritage and natural spectacle of Brazil.

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Andrew Scheer on freedom of speech

Andrew Scheer on freedom of speech


Take away federal funding if universities don’t protect free speech on campus, Andrew Scheer says

OTTAWA – Conservative leadership candidate Andrew Scheer says universities should lose federal funding if they fail to protect freedom of speech on campus. A “troubling trend” has surfaced where small groups on campus can shut down events, prevent guest speakers from giving lecture and ban activities or clubs they disagree with, Scheer said in an interview Wednesday.

This would guarantee a middle ground between campus groups

I support Andrew on tackling issues which are not being addressed in education. Everyone should take notice that Andrew is presenting his ideas before the leadership is final. I like that he is running an honest campaign. Andrew Scheer is the front running candidate with the most support because of his listening to Canadians on issues.

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Andrew Scheer News

Andrew Scheer is the top candidate

Andrew Scheer | News, Videos & Articles

Andrew Scheer videos and latest news articles; your source for the latest news on Andrew Scheer .

Andrew Scheer | National Post

Party members will have cast their ranked ballots in advance; their choices will be locked in. So already, the 14 candidates for the leadership are making the pitch to be voters’ second choice

‘I think I have the best chance of winning’ says Tory leadership hopeful Andrew Scheer

Andrew Scheer has been watching the polls and listening to the backroom chatter surrounding the Conservative leadership race this spring, and he’s not worried. With six weeks to go until the party chooses its new leader from a field of 14 candidates, Scheer says he sees a clear path to victory for his campaign as some of the more divisive personalities fall off in the first ballot count on May 27.

Andrew Scheer ‘very confident’ he will win Conservative leadership race

Saskatchewan MP and Conservative leadership candidate speaks with CBC News

Andrew in Media


Andrew seems to have the most favorable coverage by traditional media. The other two candidates running close to Andrew are using social media ads more often as I have seen. Andrew has the support of this blogger for sure. Andrew can lead the Conservative Party of Canada.

I fully intend on only voting for one candidate Andrew not selecting a second or third pick for Conservative Party Leader. This is important to me and I feel it is Andrew who will assume the leadership.

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Movie’s Social Media Dating Sites

Movie’s Social Media Dating Sites

Now I really enjoy watching modern war and spy movies. These are usually referred to as action movies. Watching them free online is not good if you use a Microsoft computer. Microsoft doesn’t protect you from bad sites which you should not go on. You may be protected from the viruses, but if you download something it’s your fault. I am subscribed to Netflix as well as Amazon Prime.

If I can’t find the movie I’m looking for with those services than it’s off to Google Play. On my laptop or smart TV which is nicer than on the laptop. Black Hawk Down is an example of a movie I would need to rent or buy on Google Play. I use Google storage despite having a one TB hard drive on my laptop. I also have a portable storage device with the same storage capacity.

What it takes to be prepared for blogging on topics

Learning computers took me some time especially learning all the skills I would need on JPost blogs. It started as an interest to write better emails to my tarot clients. I studied at the library a lot which is a generic term because as I said on JPost I lived in more than one province. Learning how to navigate the site I’m on took a while being that I was new to computers back then.

Using different email providers didn’t teach me how to customize emails.  I learned how to do these topics successfully by asking questions and reading books. After quite some time I looked into how to use the internet as a learning tool which took me from books a bit. My current intention on blogging is to publish articles of interest. They would include some political topics from Canada. I will also cover some other topics such as social media and dating sites.

I have been an advisor on many life problems for quite some time which I enjoy consulting the Tarot for you. Dating is something to write about especially dating sites which there are many of. Maybe I can cover a lot of topics you will find helpful in your search.

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Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Race

Conservative Party of Canada leadership election, 2017 – Wikipedia

The 2017 Conservative Party of Canada leadership election will be held on May 27, 2017. Party members will choose a successor to Stephen Harper, who led the Conservative Party of Canada as its leader from 2004 following the merger of the Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative parties.

Politics of Canada – Wikipedia

Federal-provincial (or intergovernmental, formerly Dominion-provincial) relations is a regular issue in Canadian politics: Quebec wishes to preserve and strengthen its distinctive nature, western provinces desire more control over their abundant natural resources, especially energy reserves; industrialized Central Canada is concerned with its manufacturing base, and the Atlantic provinces strive to escape from being less affluent than the rest of the country.

Bernier and O’Leary still have the edge in Conservative leadership race

There are just six weeks to go – and two before voting begins – in the Conservative leadership race. Candidates are jostling for position and pushing for the smallest edge. There is little indication that anyone is breaking out of the pack.

Andrew Scheer’s Conservative leadership plans: moving beyond ‘debate club’

Around Parliament Hill, Andrew Scheer is not exactly known as a rebel. The tall, bookish former Speaker has a permanently earnest expression and blushes easily, reddening when queried about his youthful exploits. So it might surprise people to hear it wasn’t unusual for him to skip school.

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Jason Kenney Updates

Jason Kenney – Wikipedia

Jason Thomas Kenney, PC (born May 30, 1968) is a Canadian politician and leader of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta. He previously represented the riding of Calgary Southeast in the Canadian House of Commons from 1997 until 2015 and then Calgary Midnapore from 2015 until 2016.

Jason Kenney

It’s time to Unite Alberta and bring back the Alberta Advantage. Are you with me?


Latest news from Jason Kenney’s campaign to Unite Alberta.

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CIA in action now in the Middle East

Good movie regarding the oil industry and CIA



Syriana (2005)

Directed by Stephen Gaghan. With George Clooney, Matt Damon, Amanda Peet, Kayvan Novak. A politically charged epic about the state of the oil industry in the hands of those personally involved and affected by it.

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CIA Safehouse under attack

You may never feel so good about an action movies like this. After watching this movie it quickly became a must see if under stress. If I enjoy a movie there is no limit to how often I will watch it. I have netflix where it is available as well as I own two copies because of misplacing one.


Safe House (2012)

Directed by Daniel Espinosa. With Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, Robert Patrick, Vera Farmiga. A young CIA agent is tasked with looking after a fugitive in a safe house. But when the safe house is attacked, he finds himself on the run with his charge.

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The Hurt Locker


The Hurt Locker Movie Review & Film Summary (2009) | Roger Ebert

A lot of movies begin with poetic quotations, but “The Hurt Locker” opens with a statement presented as fact: “War is a drug.” Not for everyone, of course. Most combat troops want to get it over with and go home. But the hero of this film, Staff Sgt.

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Check out Andrew Scheer MP for leader of Conservative Party of Canada

Andrew Scheer front runner in Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Race

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As a blogger I’m staying away from controversial government topics

The right way of connecting with voters

This is good to view online as a method of connecting with voters. I am sad regarding the various protests happening in Toronto. I used to live in Toronto area some time ago. Living in western Canada is much different having rarely seen protests or abuse of free speech.

I am supportive of the Canadian electoral system despite the changes anticipated by many. The carbon tax is disruptive to speak about because protesters are using it as another reason to sound off. I believe in either supporting the elected officials or the registered opposition. I don’t believe in protesting how others have voted.

Noticing Jason Kenney‘s approach is to not insult or cause voter anxiety to gain an emotional advantage. Hopefully, the PM or other Parliamentary officials will deal with the protest movements through passing legislation.

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Andrew Scheer for Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

When Canadians are looking for a leader with appeal in the next federal election you can refer to this Huffington Post video. Andrew Scheer a fiscal conservative who is known for speaking strong in Parliament can also communicate with humor.

People in Canada are worried about being represented on the world stage in today’s political climate. That is why Justin Trudeau is referenced as popular a lot. That is why he keeps being re-posted speaking at engagements.

Andrew Scheer was Speaker of the House communication being one major strength. On Facebook he comes across as a good father often posting with his family nearby. You can count on him to respect your families values while staying inclusive.

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Alberta Jobs Task Force

Alberta Jobs Taskforce | Strong Alberta. Strong Canada.

“The people of Alberta have worked hard for generations, and the entire nation has benefited from Alberta’s economic strength. As the jobs crisis in Alberta gets worse, families need the federal government to come up with solutions. Yet so far, this Liberal Government has failed to put forward a jobs plan that recognizes the crisis […]

Alberta Jobs Taskforce Launches –

A task force is being created to get Albertans back to work. Member of Parliament, Blake Richards feels on a Federal level not much is being done for Albertans, so the Conservative Caucus is taking matters into their own hands. “We feel as the…

Finding news regarding the Alberta Jobs Task Force requires some digging. I found this information available to me on the web. There isn’t much media coverage regarding this activist inspired program. Alberta is being represented in Parliament by Alberta conservative MP’s.

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Why Andrew Scheer could be the next Conservative Party leader – The Globe and Mail

Why Andrew Scheer could be the next Conservative Party leader

Conservative leadership candidate Andrew Scheer often gets a piece of unsolicited advice: Don’t smile so much. “The trouble is, I genuinely enjoy what I’m doing,” the 37-year-old Saskatchewan MP acknowledges, somewhat sheepishly, during a recent lunch in the parliamentary dining room. “When I was Speaker, I had one of these Twitter trolls …

Andrew I’m in working on your campaign from home. It’s official I signed up two days ago!

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Statistics show Notley has been the most threatened Alberta premier | Edmonton Journal

Statistics show Rachel Notley has been the most threatened Alberta premier

Premier Rachel Notley has been subjected to more frequent threats of harm than her recent predecessors, show newly released provincial statistics that confirm a disturbing escalation of security concerns over the last two years. The rarely seen numbers from the protection services unit were obtained by Postmedia through an access to information request that took more than 2-1/2 years to resolve.

I felt I couldn’t write an article well enough on what needed to be said about the threats and harassment of the premier. I have witnessed it myself locally and on Facebook. So here goes with an Edmonton Journal article with graphs script and photos.

Share This: – The Jerusalem Post newspaper’s online edition – The Jerusalem Post newspaper’s online edition

The Jerusalem Post is the leading news source for English speaking Jewry since 1932. Covering Israel news,updates on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Middle East and the Jewish World

Not only do I blog on here but this is where I look for TRENDING news First.

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Andrew Scheer. Real Conservative. Real Leader.

Andrew Scheer. Real Conservative. Real Leader.

Andrew Scheer. Real Conservative. Real Leader.

When I cast my vote in the next federal election it will be for Andrew!

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My blog on Jerusalem Post

My blogging on Jerusalem Post makes me feel as though I am a published writer. You can find me on there as Jacob Deveaux. JPost  this is where I like to post on conservative or Israeli issues.

Ministers prepare to vote on academic boycott bill

The Ministerial Committee on Legislation will vote Sunday on a bill that would cut state funding for academic institutions that employ professors who support boycotts of Israel. The legislation, proposed by Yisrael Beytenu MK Oded Forer, is intended to harm academic boycotts of Israel abroad that are led by professors employed by Israeli universities and colleges.


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