Update to content for Ocean Mystic 12…. I Hope to be back on Keen.com soon!

Unfortunately, I have been very busy with technical issues which have affected me tremendously. I have had issues with internet, phone and privacy. I  have been unable to post content on my blog, or any site I am on due to some outside issues with individuals who don’t like to make themselves known. I like to be able to make myself available to my clients on Keen.com on a regular basis under the user name Ocean Mystic 12 though I also like to stand up for the right of others as well.

Canada has a lot of groups  which like to cause trouble for others by means of blackmail fraud etc.. which is meant to disrupt government, political parties, business, and cultural groups, spiritual organizations, youth etc.. A lot of  the time this is done through social networking or false stories distributed  through rumour, gossip etc. by co-workers “friends” who claim to be closer than they actually are. Sometimes smart individuals like that make mistakes in web activity etc.. without  knowing that they did!

My take on how some people who disrupt the lives of targeted individuals lose their “smart” gathered information isn’t always considered in advance. Reading a person’s e-mails or using smart technology such as using *web* technology from *hack* sites to take advantage of SIM card content of others phones can place a person under scrutiny as well! Using hack information can place a person under scrutiny for a long time until you get too close to important things. When someone who does pass some instances of interviews thorough background checks etc.. polygraphs etc.. and someone else who put together good gathered information using gaming technology or hack information submits stuff on the other person regularly then their could be issues for the hackers friends such as financial problems border travel or job losses. to others who may have placed their complete trust in the smart technology such as video translation technology.

A server is a place that stores information such as e-mails, internet browsing history, phone messages, *gaming messages* pictures code (sent/received) to cause damage to computers or technology! When there are multiple instances of log-ins to servers using wireless technology  it becomes easier to gather that information properly and completely. You may not even know who that is! When groups who are labelled extremist around the world, but don’t seem to have technology to completely commit the crimes that some gaming companies and/or players portray so well it does become possible to look at some other sources for internet extremists. Sometimes just sitting in a chat room and being careful of what you say is not enough to hide your internet profile completely. When you do some damage to a registered computer such as someone who does so for security and your computer does connect really well to internet extremism than someone who may not seem so wise is successful

When one uses multiple sources of technology to cause trouble for others one mistake can cause some big issues. For one thing when installing code into  another persons computers such as sending downloads through such things and/or distributed in *person* by videos which can also be saved and submitted to authorities can be tracked quite well through the internet if committing a simple mistake one or more times of reading an official e-mail which has a disclaimer such as only for intended recipient and includes official looking titles or language! It may not matter how smart you feel your targeted individual is.

If someone’s computer is seized which has enough software to make the code or to distribute the smart software/technology sometimes a lot happens with their friends, but not necessarily to themselves! It is sometimes not that hard to figure out that you were very close to the wrong person who had their computer seized if, if, if! I wish you well, and I hope to get back soon to being on keen.com

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I am a five star rated Canadian tarot card reader with Conservative views. For about four years I travelled extensively throughout British Columbia as a professional Psychic. I took a break for a few years then went on to become a highly rated internet Psychic on www.keen.com You will find me promoting myself and blogging through here as more than a hobbyist though I may not be online as often to take calls. I am looking to be more of a Spiritual writer with blogging being the outlet of choice.

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