Canadian Tarot Card Reader

 Canadian Tarot Reader

Welcome to my Blog where I hope to connect with other advisors. This page is where I describe what it means to be a Canadian Tarot Card Reader. Here I will offer helpful advice on being a professional or hobby Psychic.  I will share my views on current events in the media.

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 Make your point of View well known

 You may wish to brand yourself like popular radio and television personalities. Like your favorite clients have (personality) don’t waste time just pleasing others (interact).  I can be very conservative though interested in others.  I like myself most of the time without always thinking of it that way.


As a blogger I will try my very best to keep topics on point though with my opinion on current events. My opinions may sometimes include political discussion without attacking incumbents.

Having been quite close to political representatives off-n-on throughout my life is a nice feeling. I may not provide solutions to the current events happening in the world right now.  I enjoy speaking to those who make the decisions sometimes even if it is only very brief.

 Good Ad-Vice

 If you wish to make Canada strong then I recommend as a political thinker that you join a party of one of these three. Conservative Party of Canada, Liberal Party of Canada, NDP. From there get involved in things Canadian or culturally good for your community.

Personal Views

However one decides to look at examples of bullying or reflect on their life past; most of us are involved in the topic, or could share on it either way.

Referendums should take place on occasion and elected officials should be able to implement things without facing unelected opposition in passing legislation. The will of the people means giving consent to leaders after they win an election. That is fundamental in a democracy. Protesting is not very good though obtaining advocacy from another political party is recommended.

I feel school bullying is not just a case of school popularity, but many influences possibly to fuel negative debate. We have to be honest when we can, so we know when there are bad influences.

Teachers and students shouldn’t completely take the blame for every media event listed here. There are parents with issues who encourage behavior. Job loss may be a way of dealing with parents who openly harass or encourage harassment of others.

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