Complete Tarot card reading method

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My complete tarot card reading method begins with a riffle placing cards end to end reversing the cards evenly. Now I need an equal order before doing a quick shuffle. I  place my greatly loved cards down in three equal piles in left to right order. Beginning my reading I flip the top card of each pile over again left to right order leaving the turned card on top of its appropriate pile. Past Present Future Use a book for divinatory meanings if need be in the order left to right.

Complete Tarot Card Reading method

Three Card Spread


 Eleven Card Spread

After being satisfied with my three card reading I deftly turn over the top card on each pile. I place the piles on top of each other right to left order. Now beginning my eleven card spread without a significator I lay out a Celtic cross spread with an eleventh card between the top of the cross and the outcome card. The eleventh card means to me what will be coming after the question has come into being.


Lifetime Reading

My eleventh card becomes my significator for my Lifetime Reading.  From the top of my tarot card deck comes four cards placed in a vertical line down from the top to represent one year. Then two years three then four. Fill in a grid placing three cards to the right of my one year card. Lay three cards to the right of my second-year card. Then for my third year and fourth. If each row has one or more major arcana cards favorably. Take care that if this is the case in a relationship reading it is a life partner.


With a lifetime reading, major arcana cards represent time or influence. For relationship readings, I remove the Hierophant card from my deck.

Eno’s Tarots

The Grimaud house is one of the oldest European playing card manufacturers. In 1848 (1891?) B.P. Grimaud bought a firm called Lequart & Mignot, who a few years before had taken over the atelier of Maitre Cartier Alphonse Arnoult on Rue de Bondy, Paris, which published its first deck of cards in 1748.

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