Message regarding Canadian bullies

Message regarding Canadian bullies

My blogging now has some political interest. The topic I want Canadians to hear is stand up. Resonate with the bully topic which seems to attract attention.  I have experienced bullying  in addition I volunteer during political elections.  Volunteer in the community, and as a result impact your city in a good way. Spread a good message regarding Canadian bullies.

Glen Canning

I would like to help others if possible. Glen Canning is a person to look up online. Especially relevant If you find bullying is a  topic that draws your attention. You will find links on my site helpful. Glen is an expert regarding Bullies in Canada.

I hope you get online somewhere  clicking like on one of Glen’s articles, or forward it to someone else. His daughter is the focus of most of his blogging.

Keeping up to date

I am updating my blog now that I have more direction than I have had in some time.  I am developing my blog offering support to others wherever they come from.

My research into topics to makes me look at how to obtain help sometimes. There are many cases which should draw national attention in the media as a result media can’t take the blame for that all the time.

Read all Legislation  before it is implemented

Legislation when implemented may not come with instructions. Provinces and country don’t always work together very well while there should be a political manager that works like an Ombudsman.

Legislation  is supposed to be used by federal provincial and municipal officials consequently they should get more coordination. The most common programs in our lives should work better. In conclusion do some research into the history of your potential officials.
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