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With all the controversies lately, we must remind ourselves of who we are as human beings. I am me which am an evolving changing person with an interest in seeing the human race continue. More stuff online gets published than ever before like the real news was when we watched the networks.

I like reading newspapers or books which match what is going on in the real world. Out there are some pretty interesting subjects who can include personal interest’s hobbies up to date news or anything else human. Many people are getting away from human interests switching to online gaming or other online activities.

There are predators online that are so slick mom and dad may lose their credit card information to at times. How can you feel that your children are safe when as a parent you are not safe from hackers or scammers? We let kids browse the web from the seeming safety of home or school with the thoughts that someone is monitoring it at times.

The police agencies that go on the web for us to keep us safe may have a staff of hundreds doing so against millions or more. I like using the internet with the idea of learning how to put information out there to others who find it interesting or readable. For quite some time I have worked on my writing with the idea that one day I would publish something good. Let’s just be responsible and thoughtful while we are online.

Political controversies are all over the place such as different countries or many states and provinces. I love having a country of origin with the safety of knowing I can have identification and citizenship in. Nazi’s have ideas which don’t work for me in any form.

I am not going to criticize the President of the USA or the Prime Minister of Canada because there are many things to speak about rather than throw sand around. For quite some time I have seen surprises or upsets in the news which I take notice of including political leaderships. Typically I am conservative in voting with progressive ideas which can include social programs or health care.

These political upsets in Alberta Canada or the USA make me feel as though it takes more than reading headlines to know the direction of political winds. Many people are getting deeply involved in standing up for opinions which they learn about from the web.

Traditional forms of publication are being replaced by social media and blog sites. I have more than one blog active right now plus I am on social media daily. You could find me on Facebook twitter or three different blogs plus I have grown to YouTube videos. I still don’t have many followers for my online posts of content.

My main blog which I built myself may look like a news site to some people new to reading blogs. It is only a few pages which have evolved over time referring to me as an online person who reads tarot cards. It has covered many topics including terror and personal interest sometimes.

Some blogs which also look more exciting than mine may not hold up in accurate content worth reading. You can’t always trust which looks best online which can include movie sites which misuse your credit card information. You may get hid with strange credit purchases after being on a movie site you join for free. I am not talking about Netflix or Prime which don’t have popups every time you click on content.

You need to know when you should be on a secure site when you shop or subscribe online. There is much talk about Fake news a topic which harms the integrity of established organizations. This may come from conspiracy theorists with harmful ideas directed towards others.


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