Political Commentary

Political Commentary

My page title Political Commentary will mostly be regarding The Conservative Party of Canada

Conservative Party of Canada

Today’s Conservative Party is a vibrant national organization with strong grassroots support from coast to coast to coast. The Party, its caucus, and its members upholding the proud Canadian Conservative tradition.

Dangers to Communities

I do know there are police that visit schools holding public meetings; informing communities of dangers. An example is that in Alberta there are new killer drugs ending up near schools. Let’s have new political commentary coming from our officials.

Get involved

Get involved as a volunteer.  I recommend volunteering  in non-political roles as well.  Most people who get involved in politics try to attract local volunteers. I would never attempt to become an elected official. I can’t draw many crowds with my presence though I will support those that can.

What is Canada?

Canada really is diverse in many ways especially among different cultural areas throughout Canada. I see many native French settlements where our second language is abundantly displayed. I also like to see other languages spoken without hesitation or fear of being seen as non-Canadian.

Political Commentary
Parliament house

I love Canada though it can be trying at times if you are new to an area. Nothing is perfect though I would like to see others welcome in Alberta during trying times.

Do your part

One goal I would like to share with people who can reach many through social media outlets is publish topics which can help end harassment of others. Anti-bullying is a good topic but rather than just a quick comment on it offer search engines suggestions on how to achieve it.


My blogging

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What needs to be addressed

Some things to demand action on is our topics of interest such as drugs near schools and overdoses from new drugs available.That is Canada-wide for the topic to be brought into media. Who has the best answers should be the leader of the CPC rather than just an idea person.

School violence or violence which starts in school and ends up on the street should be a major matter of concern for our officials. I don’t see much of that in the news except the attacks itself. Freezing tuition fees is good.

The school curriculum shouldn’t just change after every election or power swings. It should require community consultation as well as bringing in post secondary schools to help in the decisions in that regard.

Women in the CPC are doing great

Michelle Rempel Candice Bergen and Rona Ambrose are leading the CPC in the House of Commons. You may never see debates so powerful as the ones lately starring the conservatives I just mentioned. Watching politics more intently since the federal election is exciting, and informative.

I intend on supporting women in politics though I won’t attack other politicians on here by name.  The Liberals though they have a long history in Canada most MP’s just got there.

Our children our families

You may want to watch the movie infiltrator to see what international suppliers of drugs are like. Canada doesn’t have to wait for the USA to give them a plan after inauguration. We can protect our country by supporting good movement in politics. By that I mean look for yourself who does the work and support them.


Condemning Islamophobia is a very good cause just like defeating ISIS all forms of anti-Semitism, and racist behavior. I would like to see some good legislation on Islamophobia, and see the end of the BDS movement.

Islamic violence is out there though it is not that many Muslim people involved which is hard to understand when you look at the attacks on Israeli citizens monthly.  Racism is a broad bad movement seized by disgruntled groups of all sorts including the Alt-Right movement.

Protest all violence and harassment

Encourage Muslim’s to come forward and recognize Israeli rights to exist. Protest the anti-Semitic BDS movement. I have had good relations with Muslim people that I respect more than many other Canadians.  Muslims must come forward to openly protest all forms of violence without just mentioning their own cause. That is how the Southern Poverty Law center and other real advocates against HATE work on the behalf of victims.

 My first experiences with Bill 20

Recently meaning last week I received a check from the province of Alberta for climate change. I was very happy to receive my check at that time. Brad Wall mentioned that it was not the right time for climate change legislation and he speaks very well of the topic in media. I would like to listen to him speak of more topics like that. The check is nice because I am low income so it is like receiving a family allowance GST or tax refund which is all nice things to receive by direct deposit.

There are instances such as this which will make it hard to overcome this legislation if the poor who definitely pick the NDP will vote in numbers. I don’t have much money so it makes it difficult for me to bash the tax at that moment. I don’t feel it will be easy to obtain a referendum vote in Canada or Alberta on any legislation except through the court system. Jason Kenney may try to do that or wait and repeal it for being unpopular. My fuel costs are up when I can’t afford to drive anyway though with groceries it is hard to tell because I usually buy different items.

Jason Kenney has more in store than just battling the carbon tax initiative. I feel he could restore quite a few things which I admire like the trades here in Alberta.

Many people in Alberta are out of work which may possibly be because of what is referenced as diversification. We do have some diversification here in this province though taxes may have stopped investment. Myself I would rather not see marijuana replace our oil industry to diversify us. Trucking oil or chemicals is a good career like heavy equipment operator. The pipeline construction industry may come back though if we don’t have an oil industry then I don’t see how it would work with empty pipes.

We need a public consultation where the current government isn’t put on the hot seat but could address Albertans sort of how Jason Kenney is open to speaking in public. He had a distinguished federal career though migrated into provincial politics with an eagerness which makes him seem ready. I have always been open to referendums which would inspire the public to be involved between elections. There are many people attending Jason Kenney Town Halls as seen on YouTube or Facebook. I attended one in Edmonton the other night which was exciting.

Jason Kenney-5 point unity plan


 Elect a Progressive Conservative leader with a strong mandate to unite free-enterprise Albertans in one party.


Immediately negotiate framework agreement with the Wildrose Party to create united free-enterprise party.


Wide open debate leading to referendum of grassroots members on unity agreement.


With grassroots approval, proceed to create united party, including founding convention.


Leadership election for new, united party.

The atmosphere was inspiring with no harassment or bad references to the government of Canada or the NDP in any way. In attendance was a respectful crowd with Wild Rose and PC Alberta attending. I sort of wished the premier would attend a meeting like this which is respectful and engaging especially at the mike. The recent harassment of the premier definitely didn’t come from these attendees. I watched that on YouTube not recognizing anyone from conservative events. People are frustrated I know but these are global concerns with only Jason Kenney filling in the gaps.

Province dumps ‘Alberta Advantage’ for new brand

Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach calls the province’s new slogan and logo – and the accompanying $25-million campaign – “money very well spent.” Unveiled to a meeting of rural politicians Wednesday, the new logo is featured in handwritten script with a slogan that reads, “Freedom To Create… Spirit To Achieve.”

On this blog I mention bullying as a topic I would like to see dealt with by our leaders. Sometimes we overlook harassment of officials. People have given politicians a bad rap sometimes for many sometimes unsound reasons. I believe in Canadian politics we can only go so far over the edge with how our electoral system having balance anyway.

Jason Kenney does seem to encourage respect in others rather than increasing anxiety with voters. Hopefully, I can do some volunteer work on the campaign!

Don’t assume make form good opinions with good content

Power & Politics

Power & Politics Get daily access to the country’s most influential figures. From politicians to writers to leaders from all parts of the country. Updated: Daily Download episodes from this podcast for: 3 months Visit Show Site: http://www.cbc.ca/politics/

Who will be next Tory leader? Look at Andrew Scheer

Waterloo Region Record Today’s Conservative Party of Canada is not your grandmother’s Conservative Party. That much we know. But what kind of party will it become going forward? The answer will be determined in large measure by the outcome of the current leadership race.

Alberta’s Economy

For the economy of Alberta I feel continuing to educate people in our Official Languages is good. I don’t feel constricting the province’s programs would be a good idea. I have only seen brief reference to our poor in the news or people struggling for other reasons.

Right now there is more than one major political battle taking place in Canada. The federal one is typical in that the federal governing party must be challenged anyway while bringing in legislation. This party battle which for the most part where the federal government is supposed to face the opposition parties is rough. Alberta’s provincial battle between the conservative’s and the NDP is becoming regional.

For the sake of the economy between now and the elections in 2019 we should task all players in both battles to consult the public. A referendum that incorporates provincial and federal issues would be impossible. We don’t need any more challenges in the media to win votes ahead of the elections.

From what I have seen is that despite me being conservative I don’t see negotiations between political parties are taking place. Who brings it to the public first and best will decide the 2019 elections before-hand. At this time media whether it is social or traditional doesn’t seem cohesive in sending a challenging message to the parties.

Tasking the media would be where the public could contact media directly to encourage debate between political leaders such as in the past. The current situation is as such when during the Meech Lake accord talks between the provinces, or the Munk debate before the 2015 election included all parties except the provincial ones.  I have mentioned in the past that it would be good to not see the premier on the hot seat but have real discussion between leaders at the podium.

We should not see too many more decisions between provincial leaders where we see a division or separation in ties provincially. I like how Brad Wall appears in media despite feeling he shouldn’t encourage companies to leave our province. I like how the federal conservatives have built a Jobs Task Force to address one area job creation. That was Alberta doing that rather than Saskatchewan if we are looking for leadership here than we should possibly look to those MP’s.

The economy is fragile in many ways right now despite Albertan’s being resilient in tough times. How far we can go in a downward direction doesn’t have a limit if we don’t stop. A conference where someone with ideas such as the Alberta Jobs Task force makes a more public display to the region on how to address Albertan’s concerns would be nice to attend.

I would like to see the Region set aside their differences with everyone shaking hands. That may not be possible while I have always liked wishful thinking. Who gives answers on how to consult the public will be very attractive in media.

Andrew Scheer’s Plan to rid Canada of Foreign Oil

Canada is a resource-rich country, and we should be thankful for of that. Aside from minerals, potash, and lumber, we also have the third-largest oil reserves in the world. Because of this, it is so important that we show leadership on market access and responsible resource development to help our economy thrive and keep Canada competitive on the world stage.

CPC federal leadership candidate Andrew Scheer makes stop in Hants County

HJ – If you do hypothetically become the leader and then again hypothetically the Prime Minister of the country, Trump has a lot of people concerned with his policies leaning a certain way, what would you do as Prime Minister to stand up to some of those more harsh, potentially xenophobic policies?

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