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Snap Photos

Snap Photos

Today, I had a chance to snap photos which included one of the Alberta Legislature. In that area of Edmonton, there is a lot to see with some historic moments captured. I saw churches hills and old roads in the area which I never paid attention to before.

AB Legislature
Alberta Legislature

I am posting the photo of the Legislature I took so that I can update my blog with a new look. It has been some time since I worked on the appearance of my blog. My intention is to develop my blog into a more customized site which includes my own photos plus more editing.

Soon, I intend on removing Tarot content from my blog with the attraction being more spiritual topics. Within my blog, there will be current events spirituality and solutions to world issues being discussed. Also, on my blog, there will be little reference to myself or other advisors.

Spiritual Name

Ocean Mystic 12 isn’t that big of a spiritual name but as I progress as a writer/blogger I hope to make known my beliefs which make me a mentioned advisor. Tarot was my main medium of forecasting with some astrology possible. Those are not my foundation which includes referencing the King James Version of the Bible.

I firmly believe that if something doesn’t work in your life you can change it peacefully. You also have rights in Canada or other NATO countries which don’t go away unless you are an enemy of your own country. I don’t believe in protesting against your countries politicians unless they try to remove your inherit rights illegally.

Make what you can be of yourself within the laws governing your countries citizen laws. Please others with nice gestures and friendly ways. Don’t behave badly towards others for you may not know the issues they face in life as parents or community members.

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