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Populism and Controversies in Canada

Populism and Controversies in Canada

Controversy and withstanding debate may be essentials during a political career. Divides in culture or political parties are out there but for some reason, some religious disputes overshadow many other topics. We take matters of cultural politics and religion close to the heart like they are our children or love interests. We should not let these issues overshadow other media developments such as scientific breakthroughs or personal accomplishments of sports figures arts or musical entertainers.

I feel that publicizing political controversies can lead to civil unrest in Canada or the USA as populist movements continue to grow. Many people have seen the beginning of the Arab Spring with awe and angst as it led to the destruction of many cultural and political boundaries. We see something like that as politics in Canada, and the USA is taken over by controversy over small changes or unpopular decisions.

Unpopular decisions are impossible to avoid for leaders or the followers of those leaders who may participate in protests of opposing parties. The opposing parties may also have their fans attending rallies or speak out online. Free speech should have some measures of responsibility which currently isn’t there online or anywhere. In Canada, it is possible to face criminal law before the courts if going too far because of the monitoring of reported websites blogs and social media accounts.

Australian state of Queensland adopts populist, hard-line laws

For much of its modern history, Queensland was known as the “Deep North”, ruled with an iron fist by a colourful, far-right politician, Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen, who enforced a repressive law-and-order regime, used the police to crush dissent and repeatedly gerrymandered his way back into power.

Canadian Media

I have seen a greater response sometimes in Canadian media broadcasts which mirror USA media responses to terror events. A change in parliamentary procedure or political move even if unpopular shouldn’t lead to encouragement of civil disobedience. I am all for free speech if it doesn’t result in harassment of others or infringe on our Charter of Rights and Freedoms that has been in place since the 1980’s when our constitution was repatriated from England making us a sovereign country.

When we have the next election that is when we should see the real events of which a person supports a rise in social media. I like to re post articles or pages of those I support in politics that they have placed on social media themselves. Writing aggressive social media posts which harm the integrity of politicians is illegal. Whoever a person helps to be their leader or next leader of their party should speak forcefully on the integrity of the poster of content.

To state my own belief on protests, I don’t support protests caused by any political person or feel I could respect anyone in politics who would support a protest. Protests are somewhat illegal unless registered by all participants unlike the ones in Charlottesville S.C. Both sides were wrong in those protests despite one group expressing their demonstration because it violated the Civil Rights of other Americans.

Populist movements have been rising in the UK USA and Canada with the formation and migration of groups with advocates of such groups such as Tommy Douglas. He does seem to follow the law despite his popularity or unpopularity because of using cultural or religious topics in his agenda. Some of these groups should be considered unwelcome by Canadians with Soldiers of Odin canvassing my nearby LRT station. I believe other hostile groups do the same in Canadian public places without disclosing their identities when they appear.

Canadian Legislation

If the current M 103 motion doesn’t address the concerns of Canadian people, then more legislation should be considered and implemented soon. There are more people affected by the law in North America than ever before with the growing populist movements bringing up concerns to people who wouldn’t usually rise to a podium event.

Loudspeaker events are appearing in Edmonton and other provinces to disturb the silent majority with slogans and chants which mimic the rise of the Party which destroyed Europe and killed many around the world during WWII. Lately, I have been less inclined to post political articles on two of my blogs this one and one on Times of Israel.

Now I prefer to post regarding spiritual topics which won’t isolate others despite my years of being a Tarot card reader. Tarot can be controversial if someone wishes to make it so even if they read cards themselves but don’t approve of my style. I do have my own opinion on any subject I consider without wishing to be controversial simply.

The next time I see an offensive social media post on the topics of political culture or religion I won’t turn to civil disobedience or using a loudspeaker. I will only send a response to the editor or site administrator. I see no point in leading the way for a populist group to spread their message unless it is one of peace, prosperity, or good health.

Canada still has many good programs as do the provinces if you know how to ask the right people for help. The needy can find clothes food and essentials, as well as students, can find funding for tuition country full. I have attended school several times as an adult and know those subjects very well having a Canadian education. Never give into failure or deceit if facing an obstacle for there are ways to success here.

Social Media Response

Crying over how others behave is better handled by reporting those perceived issues to authorities. It is not everyone’s task to doubt how every aspect of Canadian life is unless we lose our voting privileges. We are still a democracy with some social programs, but we are not a socialist country like Venezuela or Communist Cuba. We are more of a middle of the road country than the USA is as well.

Lately, I have been more grateful to be able to refer to myself as Canadian when I look at global unrest or the rise of numbers of refugee claimants in the world. Nobody takes care of others in the way Canada does care for those that suffer. Alberta as an example has a fully integrated Health Care system which includes integrated first responders.

My primary intent with this article isn’t just to catch-up to posting on my blog, but to speak to people as I can reach reminding others what it means to live in a democratic nation. You can vote for someone you support or legally register your campaign if you are valid in opinion. I have an opinion so I vote as closely as I can to that idea unless there is nobody to vote. At this time I see no need to register my campaign because I feel Canada does have many options in representation. Don’t protest opinions or the votes of those who have a different opinion than you.

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Canadian Political Fairness

Canadian Political Fairness

Many people feel they have just cause to voice anger at others in public forums or events. Some people counter-demonstrate at those events or online as well. I have seen officials media and local personalities attend those events increasing coverage to what looks like unlawful gatherings. I believe in Canadian Political Fairness.

In this climate of anger fear hate can we continue to accept this behavior without interruption? I don’t see anyone stepping in to the fray making a decision on what could become freedom of speech with its USA implications. I feel freedom of speech is good if it doesn’t interfere with the human rights of others.

Conservative Opinion

The conservative party didn’t like the inclusiveness or lack of inclusiveness of the Islamophobia legislation M 103. It passed then the conservative party mostly stopped mentioning it except in questionnaires and surveys to find public opinion on where to place the campaign.

The candidate I support is against it but is not protesting how others feel during this time. I feel it may be repealed after consulting public opinion on how to make others feel included. Public opinion is in the forefront of the Andrew Scheer excitement.

Jason Kenney seemed to soften his public statements after acts of bad behavior and radicalism by those who were not part of his campaign. He seemed to support the Premier against hostile attacks on her personality. The attacks were totally uncalled for as he described them as being an attack on democracy itself. I wouldn’t support him if he didn’t feel that way.

Those are the only two public officials I would support that are looking for leadership positions in Canadian conservative politics. There are other hardworking conservative officials I support who are very media worthy hardworking elected officials though. As a mention Michelle Rempel is my favorite in media while there are many others as Rona steps away from Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Brad Wall has become one of the most outspoken officials in Canada being both popular followed and on the other side of the coin sometimes controversial. Being controversial is most likely essential when opposing legislation which is the responsibility of elected officials. Causing political movements isn’t the mandate after election but discussing legislation in Parliament or the legislature is after consulting the public.

Direction for Canada

I have no doubt that this country is headed in the wrong direction if there isn’t good legislation on Islamophobia racism antisemitism or other cultural rights like religious observance. The Sikh community went through a dark period in recent Canadian history fighting for recognition of their turbans and kirpans. This even caused Sikhs to go against legislation within the RCMP.

Racial fairness

Maybe with Andrew Scheer proposing freedom of Speech legislation which found a good way of addressing demonstrations on Canadian University campuses we can begin there. We may need broader response once and for all introducing legislation which would address freedom of speech which could accent and highlight the Canadian Charter of Rights.

On both of my blogs I don’t go against Canadian elected officials because I know that it isn’t the department of every official to perform the work not being done by the officials responsible. You only have the responsibility to represent your constituency if elected to office. I don’t believe we have villains in office as is being portrayed by some on social media who engage in threatening officials and supporters of those officials.

My Opinion

I have made mention on both of my blogs that I wish to be fair to all parties in my blog posts. So I will say this about the PM in as kind a way as I can. We are faced with global concerns which may not have time to address them all without hazarding a guess sometimes on dealing with these concerns. So far employment is said to rise by some media releases of official information which is somewhat challenged on social media.

Alberta isn’t doing well on employment or economy but I don’t feel the PM will phase out the oil sands. Pipeline construction will cause some employment for Alberta which is the responsibility of the Premier and the PM who may be doing this in response to conservative opposition. There aren’t personality attacks on the PM or Premier by real conservative officials.

Canadian Parliament

The PM does seem to support strong action against bad behavior without putting it into public discussion. He is quiet about some things I support which he has taken action on including going against racism anti-Semitism supporting Islamophobia work and mentioning women’s rights a lot.

He is listening to the conservative opposition who do good work in Parliament causing him to be there quite often to vote and sit while most or all conservative MP’s are sitting. It would be tough to face that opposition. He most likely won’t make electoral changes or Phase out the oil sands with the opposition present as they are.

I don’t know about legalization of marijuana as a good practice except I leave that to officials and Health care professionals to consider. I won’t bother posting about too many topics on my blog because I don’t feel we are going to lose our democratic rights because of some feel for political balance in the Parliament.

Legislation is the responsibility of the officials that obtain office with the support of volunteers not kickbacks or bribes which is innuendo when fundraising takes place. It gets debated by political representatives fairly when they find out lapses in expenses as was known to face proper scrutiny during Prime Minister Harper’s time in office. Those officials cleared RCMP investigations on ethics.

All things are looked at and placed into media if it has its time and place for public consumption there isn’t any cover-ups. I like volunteering in politics if at all possible but at this time I am not available except to write on here a bit as well as post elsewhere. I don’t cause insult or injury to any person that believes in fairness and equity in jobs culture religion media and politics.

The Public

Ending this article today I feel we need to look at the public influence on leaders by bullying stalking and harassment. This can happen in a coffee shop with someone asking who you support when an article online or newspaper is mentioned. I have had this happen to me often when I would mention that I support the Conservative Party of Canada. The Public should be aware of Canadian Political Fairness.

As a political volunteer at that time I would attempt to say nice things about the opposition’s official being kind in general.I felt discriminated because of political belief often by those who just listened to the loudest argument.

My intention by blogging is to end those types of discussion or which to me is radical attempts to silence voters by those that may not even vote in elections. As I said I would be as kind as possible to the PM who I never felt that coming from his supporters in public places or if faced with canvassing door to door.

I would like legislation before the election of 2019 on how the public can interact on political topics without causing adversarial discussions. Public places should be safe from harassment of political belief religion culture gender etc.

Freedom of speech is necessary like Canadian Political fairness to being human in Canadian culture but we need to know tolerance and understanding may be necessary to include for those who don’t understand.

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Western Security

Western Security

The spy agencies of Western Security in this Hemisphere are most likely working together on the same issues. They most likely don’t share vital information which protects their own National Security concerns. These could include the information which protects their agents and informants or economic or strategic interests.

Canada has the RCMP for national security. This could include the national security files which come out of provincial or city law enforcement agencies. We also have CSIS which does handle our interests which are more likely for outside the country stuff. We have a few cyber security agencies and DND the Department of National Defense.


The two MP’s in Canada to deal with issues related to these topics are the Attorney General of Canada and Defense Minister. Those are the things I can see with the little research that I would attempt to perform on those subjects.

The USA is a different matter having Homeland Security. I believe HS can be overruled by the FBI or a Supreme Court Judge.  The USA has the most security agencies of any country in the world. I enjoy watching movies such as Breach and Safe House. I like other movies which show the USA as having many back-up solutions. These include using human intelligence.

Donald Trump stated that he would rely on human intelligence more. He is  keeping Guantanamo Bay open for interrogation and detention. He is going to rely on capturing targets of interest in the War on Terror as well. It comes down to the use of intelligence as a main stay of building USA policy more often.

I wouldn’t know how to find out which of America’s greatest allies in intelligence could be. There is a greater partnership in the USA supporting Israel against anti-Semitism and terror. It would be nice to see other countries such as Canada do the same. If they are it is private information.

Canada seems to take strong interest in ending anti-Semitism. The PM and other MP’s make statements in support of Israel at times. Canada during the Harper years strongly supported Israel in many ways. It is quieter in media how Justin Trudeau voted against resolutions hostile against Israel.

Media Releases

I don’t know why media didn’t give much coverage to his vote. The beating down Ontario and Canada gave to the BDS movement was good.

I believe that the PM uses media very well despite drawing in controversy for public comments. There seems to be a he will go this way or that way on a topic. After looking at media or opposition he does go in a certain way. Tourism returning to Canada is positive so hopefully other countries will see the same. Terror reduces travel safety for other destinations.

The pipeline issue is in large ways affected by USA policy. This out of our hands. The PM is the leader most likely able to speak with Trump to effect. NAFTA is an issue which will most likely begin discussions of change. Trump will start to rewrite policy on energy safety and international trade.

Contribute Safely Online

As a blogger I believe in being fair in articles which would include media or public figure.  The current attacks online against incumbent politicians over topics such as Islamophobia or taxes makes it look to the uninformed that the opposition would be encouraging it which I don’t see myself.

There is strong opposition in Parliament and Legislatures. I believe I see the politicians following each other on twitter and Facebook. They are not making offensive comments towards others.

For myself I feel quite comfortable speaking on the web about issues while not facing censorship or intrusive tactics from agencies. For those who make threats against the PM or other public figures the courts is how it is dealt with as I have seen. Online attacks against officials goes to law enforcement or before judges.

New Policies

In France it seems from what I have heard the French voted on not having a Left or Right Wing leadership. This is because of not wanting strange or underhanded responses to terror. Nobody wants to affect cultural identity of the inclusive country.

I like France considering that my identity comes from France. This was many generations ago without me learning the other official language of Canada. Most MP’s are bilingual which is known especially during the Conservative Leadership race.

Someday I intend on putting more emphasis on learning Canada’s official language with as much effort as I put into writing for the web. I would like to write to English and Canadian citizens of my country so there are reasons there.

Political Middle Ground

I would like to be helpful in influencing moderation in Canadian media social or traditional mediums. I would like to see politicians and other public figures spend time on how to really open up dialogue with Canadians without causing rancor in publications or at events.

Someday maybe others will help in that manner as well sending out their own publications on how public persons should consult or interact with the public. I like the way the politicians I support consult the pubic even though I don’t always respond to Conservative or PC Alberta surveys and questionnaires.

I understand what it takes to be involved in public life as a Canadian that follows the news. Someday the current controversies will be replaced by other controversies which I have no doubt about. Now, I feel it is good to speak well of others online rather than contribute to negative public opinion. I feel negative public opinion when it is spread online can lead to harassment of others or worse.


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