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USA defeated ISIS

Not Many People are Swayed by ISIS Now

Not many people are swayed by ISIS now that they are losing not only turf but territories. I feel my prediction of the USA defeating ISIS would have been an easy win if I were a better. You cannot just take land away from the whole world and fill it in with people who deserved to live full lives. The people ISIS has slain will not perish in memory as such terrorists claimed they would.

I have met very nice Muslim people who I felt I could work in close proximity without any fear. Hopefully, many other Canadians would feel the same way in social and work situations. People are people unless they are influenced by negativity over positivity.

ISIS is a Weird Cult

The weirdness of cults has taken over many situations such as political influence or media with some means. Where their money comes from to influence topics such as immigration numbers or other sensitive areas is most likely known to CRA or Elections Canada. It most likely doesn’t get far into campaigns.

We still have to listen to the messages distributed on streets signposts or painted on bridges. They are saying we are not going away unless pushed out of the way. Force of office is mandatory to deal with destructive influences that come into many areas of our lives.

Right now my main concern is lone wolf attacks on anyone of any description in the USA. Every time I feel sick there is another one which compels me to write of the topic. Health Care in the USA is necessary including mental health including for new Americans. This could also include the workplace and schools mandatory mental health and other concerns becoming monitored.

ISIS Loses Territory After Lone Wolf Attacks

One thing I have noticed in the news is after ISIS claims victory after lone wolf attacks by their special operatives inspired by their media madness is they lose large territories close to the Holy Land. That is ISIS doesn’t belong in religious text references either unless it is noted in red.

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