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Terrorists are religious failures

Breaking a Promise

Breaking a promise I had with myself isn’t nice to do especially when I felt so strongly at the time to write about it on my blog. Not mentioning terror again was strongly on my mind after Paris events which affected me deeply. Now terror has come to my city Edmonton where first responders were able to demonstrate to the world bravery and integration of services.

Tarot card reading regarding ISIS terror
Correct ISIS flag

Today, I will speak of terror a subject which is controversial but not going away soon. Not offending Muslim people is on my radar often because I’m like that. The topic of Islamophobia has made me quiet on my personal blog which caused a significant loss of views. I like to be popular online like any other blogger.

Whatever happened in Las Vegas was inspired by terror and similar because like terrorists looking to make a point mental health was clearly an issue. I believe ISIS-inspired terrorism is caused by deficiencies in honesty, integrity, and made up of many personal failings.

I am not going to speak to the gun lobby but just voice my opinion on here what needs to be addressed. There are armed militias in the USA which can continue to develop as well as home-grown domestic terror organizations. I don’t like to think of them targeting any racial or religious group despite forming for those reasons when you consider that they go armed at events such as in Charlottesville.

Some-day these issues need to be addressed but I feel the loss of life will continue because they are only discussed without legislation. Barack Obama discussed it with some intervention being made with his executive actions but it looks like they have been removed. I feel securing America would secure most of the world because of how the USA connects with the world.

I am worried about schools in the USA and Europe though it looks like many European countries have addressed that issue while America tends to mourn tragedy after tragedy. Domestic terror groups blame newcomers pretending to support presidential legislation and executive actions. Domestic terror groups believe they operate without government approval and also without consulting popular opinion.

There are many fractures in the organizations which promote violence against others. This includes secular social and political movements. ISIS is implementing a non-fractured organizational structure which will shatter under USA might of office. They seem to be seamless with demise not being possible because of intense recruiting

Many people worry about the end of time like during the Vietnam era when Barry Maguire wrote “Eve of destruction.” I don’t feel we will end time on this planet but to many Christians, this is it for us. We can stand our ground no matter what our faith be tackling crime and terror with responsible immigration national security and responsible gun sales rather than a proliferation of firearms.

I believe that good health care and integration of first responders like in Alberta can lead to public safety. In Canada, we seem to respond very rapidly to crisis after crisis no matter what seems to be going on with social media around political topics. In the future, I will write on any topic as a blogger not influenced by social media conspiracy theories. I encourage everyone to speak regarding the failures in life that terrorists represent to children rather than quote religious text.

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