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USA defeated ISIS

Not Many People are Swayed by ISIS Now

Not many people are swayed by ISIS now that they are losing not only turf but territories. I feel my prediction of the USA defeating ISIS would have been an easy win if I were a better. You cannot just take land away from the whole world and fill it in with people who deserved to live full lives. The people ISIS has slain will not perish in memory as such terrorists claimed they would.

I have met very nice Muslim people who I felt I could work in close proximity without any fear. Hopefully, many other Canadians would feel the same way in social and work situations. People are people unless they are influenced by negativity over positivity.

ISIS is a Weird Cult

The weirdness of cults has taken over many situations such as political influence or media with some means. Where their money comes from to influence topics such as immigration numbers or other sensitive areas is most likely known to CRA or Elections Canada. It most likely doesn’t get far into campaigns.

We still have to listen to the messages distributed on streets signposts or painted on bridges. They are saying we are not going away unless pushed out of the way. Force of office is mandatory to deal with destructive influences that come into many areas of our lives.

Right now my main concern is lone wolf attacks on anyone of any description in the USA. Every time I feel sick there is another one which compels me to write of the topic. Health Care in the USA is necessary including mental health including for new Americans. This could also include the workplace and schools mandatory mental health and other concerns becoming monitored.

ISIS Loses Territory After Lone Wolf Attacks

One thing I have noticed in the news is after ISIS claims victory after lone wolf attacks by their special operatives inspired by their media madness is they lose large territories close to the Holy Land. That is ISIS doesn’t belong in religious text references either unless it is noted in red.

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Alberta Opioid Crisis is possible to be resolved individually

Alberta Opioid Crisis is possible to be resolved individually

Some topics never go away which don’t always make the news. The Opioid crisis is still ongoing, and the media has some coverage of the deaths though how will it be addressed by government.The Alberta opioid crisis is possible to be resolved individually. I don’t like to feel people are being murdered in my community.  With the lethal effects of Opioids then what else do you call it?

How many people want to feel their family members could become victims? I know that I would like it solved before my daughter is school age. Whose job is it to pass legislation the federal government or the provincial governments? Coast to coast we are seeing an epidemic which may continue until there is a response with full measures.

You can address the Legislature or Parliament by writing a letter to your elected official such as MLA or MP. You can search out by postal code or phone book for your elected official. That is the way to address this by obtaining representation in the Legislature or on Parliament Hill.

For families which suffer with an addict or alcoholic in the family there is help to solve the problem. You start by going to speak with a doctor in Alberta. You can ask for your family member to be referred to addictions and mental health.

There are numerous ways of treating addiction without facing incarceration. Accountability is usually a measure for those seeking help. That is at least with family members and community.

Alberta’s response

Alberta is most likely the best or one of the best provinces in Canada for integrated support services for all Health Care needs. There are many things addicts can do to recover and good places to go after removing themselves from dangerous drugs. Returning to substance abuse is not necessary with faith and proper treatment which are both available for anyone that ask in Alberta.

The recovery process may include speaking to an addictions counsellor from Alberta Health or going straight to a Detox then treatment center if the addiction is advanced. Sometimes addicts are treated like outpatients if possible.

Becoming honest with your own community and becoming an honest citizen are part of recovery which will most likely mean shifting away from the addict community to the recovery community. There is help through Alberta Health directly by phoning for addictions and mental health before speaking to a doctor. Alberta has many resources including AA or NA for those who like that route which may include a treatment center.

Addiction and relationships

Addicts by the time they reach for help could possibly have been abandoned by family members for good reasons. Honesty doesn’t always stay in a person that suffers from addiction despite past history of accomplishing good things. Even people who have been in sports or professional positions etc. can become addicted to substances or gambling as examples.

Family can mean wife child parents and siblings who are the loved one’s most affected by addiction. The addict is selfish until faced with the remorse which comes with recovery. Recovery may not mean free choice or willpower but abstinence and many other new topics to be seized hold of by the patient.

Spirituality is a good route for addicts with treatment centers focused on attaining the help of a Higher Power. There are Christian ministries outside of Alberta Health which offer treatment to recovering addicts as well. These programs are more Christ centered than focusing on the medical treatment method. Both methods may work while I don’t have the statistics on how effective one is in relation to another.

Checking in with AA or other twelve step groups is more common after treatment has taken hold. Belonging to groups where recovery is encouraged leads to long term recovery if the addict hooks in with serious minded recovering addicts.


I use the term addict for all addicted persons in general while there may be specific terms to isolate one’s behavior from other members of the community. I don’t say addict with disdain but trying to use a medical term which is essentially a Health Care issue.

Alcoholism is addiction and very common with smoking being a more common addiction. In Alberta 80% of residents live within the Health Guide for responsible drinking. That means they don’t exceed the limits of responsible drinking.

Nutrition is important in recovery as well as developing good behaviors to overcome the negative attributes developed in addiction. Life skills may need to be developed over time which leads to things such as joining the workforce or attending school upgrading. Professionals have their own recovery groups they can join with total anonymity.

To end this article appropriately there are medical treatments available to those with issues of dependency. Alberta can handle the concerns facing the community if there is enough publicity on how to find treatment for addiction. Attaining media coverage for treatment of addiction may take public involvement such as e-mail or by mail to your elected officials.


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