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Andrew Scheer Victory

Andrew Scheer victory

Having voted for Andrew with confidence was never an issue or sacrifice for me. I gave up the option of picking a second third choice etc. for leader. I believe to defeat Justin Trudeau would take a steady hand with a good outlook on domestic and foreign policy. Andrew doesn’t believe in taking another look at failed policies from other conservative eras.

Many of the conservative emails I received from other candidates were restating failed agendas which caused the loss of 2015. I have no doubt that those failed policies or agendas would lead to certain defeat in 2019. I don’t intend on rehashing those topics on my blog now or in the future. I voted that concern away when I selected Andrew Scheer.

Justin Trudeau as PM is still very popular to many supporters in Canada and around the world. That is why Andrew former Speaker of the House is needed for his communication skills and other personal assets. He is a family man which is evident in his lifestyle visible for all to see openly on Facebook. Energy in Parliament is essential as well as the ability to keep up to a heavy workload while on the road.

Andrew is not known to miss a beat in debate or television interviews which are on the agenda often. During the campaign he moved to the front with ease covering regional instability on economy policy immigration and some important misunderstood rights.

Looking ahead to foreign policy I have no doubt that Andrew with his track record for respect of human rights in many world danger spots will cause him to consider the helpless. His take on eliminating foreign oil from Canada is a good one. I believe he can communicate with the USA to effect on many projects as well as he can give clear instruction to Ministers who understood his movement before winning office.

I will now leave you with some sound information available from Andrew’s website.  Good wishes and God Bless.

Take a Look at some of Andrew’s Policies


Andrew Scheer’s Plan to rid Canada of Foreign Oil

Canada is a resource-rich country, and we should be thankful for of that. Aside from minerals, potash, and lumber, we also have the third-largest oil reserves in the world. Because of this, it is so important that we show leadership on market access and responsible resource development to help our economy thrive and keep Canada competitive on the world stage.

Tax Savings on Home Energy

Of all the things Canadian homeowners need to worry about, heating and powering their homes should not be first and foremost. Yet many families are struggling to cope with these costs thanks to reckless and ill-advised Liberal mismanagement and over-taxation. Canadians, especially those in Ontario, have seen their gas and power bills go through the roof.

Speaker Scheer Defended Democracy. Prime Minister Scheer will do the same.

Throughout this leadership race, candidates – including me — have been telling you what they would do if they were Prime Minister. Mostly you’ve had to take our word for it. But on delivering and ensuring more freedom for MPs, I have already delivered and as Leader and Prime Minister, I will continue to uphold that.

Taking the fight to ISIS

Next month will mark the 100 th anniversary of Vimy Ridge. It is important to remember Canada’s history as a nation that can be counted on to stand and fight against atrocities in the world.

Scrap the Carbon Tax

Andrew Scheer. Real Conservative. Real Leader.

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PC Alberta will unite with Wildrose Party

PC Alberta will unite with Wildrose Party

Jason Kenney is building a united conservative party with Brian Jean. PC Alberta will unite with Wildrose Party returning Alberta to conservative politics. It sounds good with such optimism among conservatives in Alberta. Compromise is already ahead of schedule. In 2019 we will have a turn-point election challenging the entrenched incumbent NDP. Funding for the election needs to begin in big numbers.

I saw recently the fundraising numbers for Alberta. Political parties which showed the NDP ahead in funding. It seems the NDP could have money ready to unleash during their campaign. This may not sound good to some, but Jason Kenney and Brian Jean are smart. They will most likely be appealing to donors as plans progress.

Being ready is part of the plan boldly advertised on Jason Kenney.ca. Jason’s Five Point Unity plan is appealing to many voters. Brian Jean is going to run in the leadership race. This will take place after consulting the grassroots. Jason Kenney will repeal the Carbon Tax and possibly sue the Canadian government it sounds like.

What is possible?

Bold is the description I would give him challenging the federal government. Myself I would prefer to stay where I’m at voting for him at the polls. I don’t know if I could handle controversy as politicians do face for their decisions. Consulting the public is mandatory in politics winning elections counts on this.

What is possible after the leadership campaign? I don’t have the answers to this mostly I leave the big stuff to said by those in office. My blog is repetitive in advertising some things I support. Never tackling the big issues myself. Challenging the federal government is something I will not do myself lacking in that bold behavior.

Elections can draw politicians into controversy no matter what side of the legislature you are on. I see the leadership results clearly putting Kenney in the lead. He can count on my vote in the campaign for the promotion of the oil and gas sector in western Canada.

Alberta Progressive Conservatives, Wildrose strike merger deal | Toronto Star

Alberta’s two conservative parties have taken the first step toward ending a decade of bitter feuding by signing a proposal to merge and become the United Conservative Party. Wildrose Leader Brian Jean and Progressive Conservative Leader Jason Kenney announced the details of their unity deal Thursday at an Edmonton hotel.

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Western Security

Western Security

The spy agencies of Western Security in this Hemisphere are most likely working together on the same issues. They most likely don’t share vital information which protects their own National Security concerns. These could include the information which protects their agents and informants or economic or strategic interests.

Canada has the RCMP for national security. This could include the national security files which come out of provincial or city law enforcement agencies. We also have CSIS which does handle our interests which are more likely for outside the country stuff. We have a few cyber security agencies and DND the Department of National Defense.


The two MP’s in Canada to deal with issues related to these topics are the Attorney General of Canada and Defense Minister. Those are the things I can see with the little research that I would attempt to perform on those subjects.

The USA is a different matter having Homeland Security. I believe HS can be overruled by the FBI or a Supreme Court Judge.  The USA has the most security agencies of any country in the world. I enjoy watching movies such as Breach and Safe House. I like other movies which show the USA as having many back-up solutions. These include using human intelligence.

Donald Trump stated that he would rely on human intelligence more. He is  keeping Guantanamo Bay open for interrogation and detention. He is going to rely on capturing targets of interest in the War on Terror as well. It comes down to the use of intelligence as a main stay of building USA policy more often.

I wouldn’t know how to find out which of America’s greatest allies in intelligence could be. There is a greater partnership in the USA supporting Israel against anti-Semitism and terror. It would be nice to see other countries such as Canada do the same. If they are it is private information.

Canada seems to take strong interest in ending anti-Semitism. The PM and other MP’s make statements in support of Israel at times. Canada during the Harper years strongly supported Israel in many ways. It is quieter in media how Justin Trudeau voted against resolutions hostile against Israel.

Media Releases

I don’t know why media didn’t give much coverage to his vote. The beating down Ontario and Canada gave to the BDS movement was good.

I believe that the PM uses media very well despite drawing in controversy for public comments. There seems to be a he will go this way or that way on a topic. After looking at media or opposition he does go in a certain way. Tourism returning to Canada is positive so hopefully other countries will see the same. Terror reduces travel safety for other destinations.

The pipeline issue is in large ways affected by USA policy. This out of our hands. The PM is the leader most likely able to speak with Trump to effect. NAFTA is an issue which will most likely begin discussions of change. Trump will start to rewrite policy on energy safety and international trade.

Contribute Safely Online

As a blogger I believe in being fair in articles which would include media or public figure.  The current attacks online against incumbent politicians over topics such as Islamophobia or taxes makes it look to the uninformed that the opposition would be encouraging it which I don’t see myself.

There is strong opposition in Parliament and Legislatures. I believe I see the politicians following each other on twitter and Facebook. They are not making offensive comments towards others.

For myself I feel quite comfortable speaking on the web about issues while not facing censorship or intrusive tactics from agencies. For those who make threats against the PM or other public figures the courts is how it is dealt with as I have seen. Online attacks against officials goes to law enforcement or before judges.

New Policies

In France it seems from what I have heard the French voted on not having a Left or Right Wing leadership. This is because of not wanting strange or underhanded responses to terror. Nobody wants to affect cultural identity of the inclusive country.

I like France considering that my identity comes from France. This was many generations ago without me learning the other official language of Canada. Most MP’s are bilingual which is known especially during the Conservative Leadership race.

Someday I intend on putting more emphasis on learning Canada’s official language with as much effort as I put into writing for the web. I would like to write to English and Canadian citizens of my country so there are reasons there.

Political Middle Ground

I would like to be helpful in influencing moderation in Canadian media social or traditional mediums. I would like to see politicians and other public figures spend time on how to really open up dialogue with Canadians without causing rancor in publications or at events.

Someday maybe others will help in that manner as well sending out their own publications on how public persons should consult or interact with the public. I like the way the politicians I support consult the pubic even though I don’t always respond to Conservative or PC Alberta surveys and questionnaires.

I understand what it takes to be involved in public life as a Canadian that follows the news. Someday the current controversies will be replaced by other controversies which I have no doubt about. Now, I feel it is good to speak well of others online rather than contribute to negative public opinion. I feel negative public opinion when it is spread online can lead to harassment of others or worse.


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Andrew Scheer leader Conservative Party Canada

Andrew Scheer Leader Conservative Party Canada

Andrew Scheer is ranked somewhere near the top position, and you need someone to represent you who shares family values. Respect for community is in his campaign. This Saskatchewan MP will be Andrew Scheer Leader Conservative Party Canada.

I tried to volunteer on his campaign but my family commitments get in the way as well. The former top candidate withdrew because the battle for top pole is too much.

This MP has the strength and energy and charisma to outlast anyone in the race. He will come out on top in  the end supporting an inclusive Canada for it’s citizens. Andrew is Canada first meaning he puts the interests of Canadians to heart. Our guy will hold his ground on policy honoring his campaign promises.


Take away federal funding if universities don’t protect free speech on campus, Andrew Scheer says

OTTAWA – Conservative leadership candidate Andrew Scheer says universities should lose federal funding if they fail to protect freedom of speech on campus. A “troubling trend” has surfaced where small groups on campus can shut down events, prevent guest speakers from giving lecture and ban activities or clubs they disagree with, Scheer said in an interview Wednesday.

Supporting Andrew makes sense at this time when we need a leader in front representing Canadians on issues such as NAFTA which could possibly be an issue. Syrian genocide or whatever issues we haven’t addressed yet. He does respond personally to appropriate contact.

Not all MP’s in office make an effort to those facing the issues Andrew has addressed in Parliament. Look at his track record of representing Canadians as Speaker of the House.

He has the most support of sitting elected representatives in parliament and Legislatures. Andrew will get the support of the more than 250 000 real members of the Conservative Party Canada.

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