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My TAROT as a Journal

My TAROT as a Journal

On here I won’t bother discussing the history of the TAROT, or special reading methods I’ve worked on developing over the years. You will find out that in this post I guide you towards client satisfaction interests.

For a few days, I didn’t sleep before the announcements of Fire and Fury and the Charlottesville tragedy. HATE of any sort makes me feel people need to show respect for others. I believe attainments in better behavior are possible for everyone while not becoming perfect. I work on matters like that as my real spiritual giving when I have little else to offer.

Trump’s fire and fury is in the bible, Isaiah 66:15

This is from the Kings James Bible: Isaiah 66:15 For, behold, the LORD will come with fire, and with his chariots like a whirlwind, to render his anger with fury, and his…

A few days before the Charlottesville tragedy I made a post which addressed the previous violence free demonstrations. I believe that up to that point there was just some pushing and shoving on both sides. This was unlike the violence which emerged when HATERS from around the world descended upon that beautiful city.

I suggested that both sides were wrong to congregate in a demonstration with both sides violating the rights of others. It didn’t matter to me that the demonstration was registered by white supremacists. They were still wrong because when inciting hatred or engaging in bullying rights are violated. I felt I had to mention this topic, and that my previous article on Populism wasn’t about supporting extremism.

Having worked from the best site on the web, for one decade has caused me to address the disclaimers issued by the site. For most people, these are not a deterrent to using the site at all which means never.  Maintaining good feedback is important to many customers that enjoy checking Psychic reviews. Most online sites offer disclaimers to avoid cases of fraud against advisors who are not direct site employees.

Clairvoyance may be possible in people sometimes, but not in command of the seeker’s questions non-stop. It may work with an advisor’s ability in many instances though without guarantees being issued very often by the advisor.

Being unique in this saturated market is difficult to maintain even for those who achieve fame. Many readings are similar in method, so the ability to convince clients towards lofty goals is referred to as manifestation. Offering prayers for money itself isn’t a recommended practice among advisors. Praying for clients makes one more successful in many ways which couldn’t be mentioned enough.

The typical client advisor connection is friend/mentor with no lesser or higher status being proclaimed. Many clients create strong friendships with their advisors on social media. I have made friends with many people from very different global locations. Being a Psychic offers many opportunities for the advancement of ideas whether they are internally or externally derived.

Future is the main focus of readings which can be beneficial while the past is referred to as regressing. Typically I feel it is not good to dwell on the past with TAROT or other spiritual tools which are in use. The past if it is an issue is better dealt with by therapists or other medically connected counselors. Being a person of all abilities is not a good offering.

For many reasons, I have used mostly question and answer methods of consulting the TAROT. Lately, I have taken another look into astrology because of Biblical prediction fears. You may not suspect me of being that preoccupied with those concerns with my appearance being somewhat unassuming.

Tarot readings can be fun for those seeking a reading of some quality. Sometimes fun is not the case when profit is the focus of those offering the service. I enjoy delivering my readings to those who seek a more practical spiritual consultation. Fiction or flights of fancy are not in my cards just me trying to draw in realism which will work.

Hobbies are good to discuss with TAROT clients except that when they don’t have any interests then encouragement could be wise. Self-development is also a good topic to encourage in those seeking advice for many who come to inherit a gift. Healing is simply the offering of prayer or support with a TAROT reader not having special powers. The gift of healing for money doesn’t exist in mankind!

Many of my hobbies have developed as a result of asking questions of my TAROT over time. TAROT is never boring unless the questions remain the same for too long. Reading new topics is essential to life advancement as seen by the forward movement of mankind. Going slower than others is not a trait of a successful spiritual advisor.

Someone can find advisors almost anywhere nowadays since spirituality has grown more over the years rather than less. I normally pray with Christian methods being that I accept the three main world religions as being most accurate. These three religions are in order of development or creation which are Jewish, Christian, and Islam.

Sometimes I will study Astrology for predictive purposes though it is mostly good for knowing a theme rather than specific events. With TAROT I feel more comfortable in obtaining answers for myself or others with its rapid style. Christian, Jewish, and Islamic faiths are not to include topics such as other spiritual methods, but I can’t make my mind exclude divination.

Lately, I have been more about reconnecting to faith though I usually feel faithful. During these latest turns in events such as the earthquakes in Mexico, or the Hurricanes throughout the western world, I have looked at biblical prophecy. I don’t remember the biblical predictions of the New Testament in total, but the predictions are on my mind.

After having spoken with some people affected by these natural disasters I have really appreciated good news stories. I look at stories such as rescues of people in jeopardy which were successful. Mexico has a great culture with food on my mind often when I think of Mexico as well as trades such as silver-smith. You can’t overlook the struggles facing Mexicans lately including immigration crime or violence.

Many believers of the New Testament believe that the end time is here or near to us. I would like to reject that idea though to believers there is much evidence pointing in that direction. We may lose much often, but I don’t like to believe in the end of the earth or humanity. Christianity is where I feel most comfortable in worship despite my fears rooted in Biblical prophecy.

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