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Trump can broker Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Trump can broker IsraeliPalestinian Peace

I have no doubt that Trump can broker Israeli-Palestinian Peace. You may not have known that Donald Trump became famous in books not only in celebrity media. He co-wrote “The Art of the Deal” his first book followed by others.

Fly the American Flag
Fly the American Flag

He can be found negotiating the biggest real estate deals or business deals without fear. I believe this deal which is possible won’t cause him to fear Abbas.  He is in the world not only the President of the USA but worldly before attaining office. I am hopeful of the outcome of the President’s trip to the Middle East.

In on screen interviews Abbas spoke respectfully with the President there as well. These moments will most likely not be as controversial as some meetings leaders have had with Palestinian organizations. Hamas, Hezbollah, and other groups may need to turn away from networking with ISIS to attain peace in their land if that is truly desired.

The USA seems to be stalled on moving their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. June 1st waiver signed by the last President will possibly be renewed by Trump if peace talks continue. I don’t know for sure if Israel will need to face Palestinian intent of obtaining Jerusalem as its capital for the anticipated Palestinian capital. I don’t believe Israel will need to cave into the idea of losing its sovereignty.

Trump to dive into Mideast conflict on first presidential trip

Trump is widely expected to use the trip to give fresh impetus to Middle East peace talks. Fatah and Palestinian Liberation Organization officials have told CNN that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will attend an “Arab, Islamic, and American Conference” in Saudi Arabia next Sunday, an event Trump is also expected to be present at.

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Andrew Scheer leader Conservative Party Canada

Andrew Scheer Leader Conservative Party Canada

Andrew Scheer is ranked somewhere near the top position, and you need someone to represent you who shares family values. Respect for community is in his campaign. This Saskatchewan MP will be Andrew Scheer Leader Conservative Party Canada.

I tried to volunteer on his campaign but my family commitments get in the way as well. The former top candidate withdrew because the battle for top pole is too much.

This MP has the strength and energy and charisma to outlast anyone in the race. He will come out on top in  the end supporting an inclusive Canada for it’s citizens. Andrew is Canada first meaning he puts the interests of Canadians to heart. Our guy will hold his ground on policy honoring his campaign promises.


Take away federal funding if universities don’t protect free speech on campus, Andrew Scheer says

OTTAWA – Conservative leadership candidate Andrew Scheer says universities should lose federal funding if they fail to protect freedom of speech on campus. A “troubling trend” has surfaced where small groups on campus can shut down events, prevent guest speakers from giving lecture and ban activities or clubs they disagree with, Scheer said in an interview Wednesday.

Supporting Andrew makes sense at this time when we need a leader in front representing Canadians on issues such as NAFTA which could possibly be an issue. Syrian genocide or whatever issues we haven’t addressed yet. He does respond personally to appropriate contact.

Not all MP’s in office make an effort to those facing the issues Andrew has addressed in Parliament. Look at his track record of representing Canadians as Speaker of the House.

He has the most support of sitting elected representatives in parliament and Legislatures. Andrew will get the support of the more than 250 000 real members of the Conservative Party Canada.

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Andrew Scheer for Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

When Canadians are looking for a leader with appeal in the next federal election you can refer to this Huffington Post video. Andrew Scheer a fiscal conservative who is known for speaking strong in Parliament can also communicate with humor.

People in Canada are worried about being represented on the world stage in today’s political climate. That is why Justin Trudeau is referenced as popular a lot. That is why he keeps being re-posted speaking at engagements.

Andrew Scheer was Speaker of the House communication being one major strength. On Facebook he comes across as a good father often posting with his family nearby. You can count on him to respect your families values while staying inclusive.


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