Videos for Canadian conservatives

Videos for Canadian conservatives

On this page I have placed some YouTube videos regarding the Conservative Party of Canada. First of all you may find this page gets updated regularly as CPC news comes out. I love working on my little blog because it requires me to look into many topics. Have patience as I work on my blog while you may contact me. Especially relevant is if you have some suggestions about videos for Canadian conservatives let me know.

The NDP and Liberal governments across the country are probably big on the introduction of a National Carbon Tax. This tax will be different  therefore province to province.

Government of Alberta

Find the Alberta government services and information you need.

CPAC – Cable Public Affairs Channel

CPAC, the Cable Public Affairs Channel, is Canada‘s only privately-owned, commercial free, not for profit, bilingual television service. Created in 1992 by a consortium of cable companies to preserve an independent editorial voice for Canada’s democratic process, CPAC provides a window on Parliament, politics and public affairs in Canada and around the world.



Furthermore the big topics are being addressed daily in the House of Commons. The CPC consequently is challenging the current federal government daily. You can witness the CPC take on the PM, and the NDP on issues. I enjoy good debate in addition to strong political action. Most of all female politicians are  leading in debates.

Conservative leadership

Stephen Harper was talked about on the web fairly often. You could see,  and hear him daily if you searched for him by name. Most noteworthy is Rona Ambrose rose to a prominent role since becoming leader. Rona is the hardest working member of Parliament.

Videos for Canadian Conservatives
John Diefenbaker with Queen Elizabeth 2

I will continue to work on this page

A carbon tax is inevitable  because the world community is involved. I am for a clean environment, and reducing greenhouse gases. This cause no matter how it is done shouldn’t reduce the lives of Canadians in the process. Your cause therefore may never get the chance to be heard by these governments. Consequently there are some political activists that are working on it.

On this page I place videos that aren’t inflammatory though especially relevant. First of all I don’t participate in demonstrations that make me turn against my community. These causes are for the elected leaders to deal with in the House. Hence politicians are simply part of the Canadian political culture. I have placed the most noteworthy links on the sidebar of each page. In addition I hope that you do read my blog more in depth

My topics

You will notice beginning in January that I publish longer posts. Developing my  blog has taken me a long time blogs being new for me. Most of all you can get a lot out of personal opinion blogs. My blog is a mixture of opinion also political. In conclusion having blogs available makes it hard to focus on what to read.

Immigration to Canada for those facing genocide is probably a major concern. Having access to immigration topics is available as part of the Public Record. Yazid i’s are facing extinction as well as many native to Syria. The process for both groups reaching safety seems impossible. Therefore the immigration topic is on stage every day.

Women in the House

The job went to Michelle Rempel and other female MP’s that care. In addition to this the MP just mentioned is a heavy debater and twitterer. Social media should play a more important role in the lives of Conservatives looking to be involved with the CPC.

The current CPC may not be as easily compared to the days before the 2015 election. For one thing Rona Ambrose is sort of rebranding Conservative politics with women taking the lead shattering the glass ceiling. There are many Conservative female MP’s though not many decided to run in the leadership.

I Leave you with this

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